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Freelancing is the future.

More and more people all over the world are beginning to freelance. Working for yourself wherever you want – and whenever you want – can be not only the best way to earn money. It can be the best way to live.

World of Freelancers gives you advice about freelancing, shows you many ways to freelance online, takes you around the world with our travel blog and much more

Freelancing online is for people of any age and any education. From full-time jobs to side hustles, from working at home to working while traveling around the world, making money online can give you the freedom you need to live life the way that’s best for you.

Central Park – April 2010

Ten years ago in April 2010, I hopped on a Metro North train and rode into New York City to enjoy the gorgeous day in…

Salalah, Oman Tour During Khareef Season

In Salalah, Oman the annual khareef season turns the sandy, mountainous landscape of this enchanting Middle Eastern city to a deeply beautiful lush green. This…

Over A Dozen Colorful Malaysia Lanterns

Meet Melaka, Malaysia

I like traveling to places that not everyone else visits. When I decided to spend some time exploring Southeast Asia while I was working and…

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Freelance Definition

Freelancing means working for yourself by creating products and/or offering services which you sell to others.

You can read a more detailed definition of freelance as well as the word’s etymology here.

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