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18 Awesome Etsy Products for Freelancers

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Etsy shops are great places to buy all kinds of handmade products for just about everyone, including freelancers.

The people who make and sell these Etsy products are freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners working from home. That means that choosing products from Etsy shops is not only a great way to get something you or the freelancer in your life will love, it’s also a great way to support the artistic freelance and small business communities.

If you’re a freelancer looking for something that can help you work smarter and better, or if you know a freelancer to whom you’d like to give a helpful handmade gift, Etsy is an awesome place to go. There you’ll find lots of handmade Etsy products that are super useful for freelancers and others that are actually made for specifically for freelancers.

There are so many amazing handmade Etsy products for freelancers, in fact, that it can be difficult to choose. I browsed through some Etsy shops myself to see what  items I could find for the freelance community. Not surprisingly, I found quite a few creative and useful handmade items.

Here you’ll find 18 of the top handmade Etsy products that freelancers can use to help make freelancing the best it can be. Some are for specific freelance jobs; others are great for freelancers doing any type of work. Many are digital products which you can download immediately.

18 Awesome Handmade Etsy Products for Freelancers


Pinterest pin with text saying 18 Etsy products handmade just for freelancers, with image of woman in purple blouse and straw hat hiding her face with a bouquet of purple flowers

Etsy Products for All Freelancers

Freelance Services Templates

Freelancers can create a professional, attractive package of their services and pricing with these 25 pages of freelance service templates.

These 25 freelance services templates are a digital product available for immediate download right here

9 pages of one of the great Etsy products - a freelance services template in light pink

Client Welcome and Good-Bye Packet

These two fully-customizable templates consist of 18 pages to make a great first – and last – impression on your freelance clients.

This client welcome and good-bye packet is a digital product available for immediate download right here

3 pages of an Etsy products new client bundle showing the cover of the welcome packet and the good-bye packet


Side Hustle Planner

This planner for women with side hustles was created by an experienced freelancer and helps you map out your path to side hustle success.

This is side hustle planner is a digital product available for immediate download right here

Light pink Etsy products side hustle planner with realistic-looking textured leather cover

White Erase Board Do Not Disturb Sign

This white erase board Do Not Disturb home office door hanger lets your loved ones and roommates know whether it’s okay to interrupt your work or not. 

You can order the Do Not Disturb sign right here.

White erase board Etsy do not disturb with shhhh at the top and check boxes for options to tell people why not to disturb you

Custom-Worded Front Door Sign

This custom-worded front door sign for the work at home crowd tells people who come to your front door whatever you want to tell them.

You can order the custom-worded front door sign right here.

Etsy black sign hanging on white front door with white text saying working from home please do not knock or ring bell leave packages at door

Laptop Tray with Bean Bag Pillow

This herringbone blue lap tray with a bean bag pillow bottom is stable and beautiful place to rest your laptop when you’re working on your favorite chair, sofa or bed.

You can order the laptop tray with bean bag pillow right here.

Etsy herringbone blue laptop tray on sofa with white coffee cup and Mac book on top

Inspirational Mug

This Thrive Under Pressure mug helps freelancers remember to make the best of their stress. 

You can order this inspirational coffee mug right here.

White Etsy mug with thrive under pressure written in black and red text

Work-from-Home Stationery

This beautiful, colorful work-from-home stationery is a fun and useful idea for black female freelancers. 

You can order this work-from-home stationery right here.

Etsy product of stationery with black female freelancer in bright pink blouse sitting at table with pink laptop and the name Lisa Ann at the top of the stationery

Chunky Knit Throw

A gorgeous chunky knit throw is a great and beautiful way to keep warm while you’re working at your computer in the winter.

You can order this chunky knit throw right here.

Beautiful Etsy products - chunky knit throw in muted red, yellow and grey on a light green armchair

Personalized Etsy Products for Freelancers

10 Personalized Notepad

A personalized notepad is a great way to keep track of your goals to-do lists.

You can order your personalized notepad right here.

Etsy products - one sheet of a personalized notepad in pink and black with Jessica's List at the top

Personalized Desk Accessories

A set of personalized desk accessories, including a leather desk blotter, are a great way for male freelancers to feel even more professional.

You can order your personalized desk accessories right here.

Personalized desk accessories for men in brown, with text saying work from home Northwind WFH starter kit


Etsy Products for Creative Freelancers

12 Creative Freelancers Resource Bundle 

This bundle of resources so helpful for creative freelancers contains a fully-customizable contract template, income and expenses tracker, social media sharing schedule and lots more.

This is a digital product available for immediate download right here

Etsy freelancer resource bundle written in white on pink stripe overlay with woman's hands on white keyboard and white drink in clear mug on table

Etsy Products for Freelance Writers

From Mom to Freelancer” on-Demand Webinar

This webinar, along with a resource guide, teaches moms how to start earning income from scratch by doing freelance writing. 

From Mom to Freelancer is a digital product available for immediate download right here.

Etsy products webinar - laptop monitor with from mom to freelancer - a step by step guide to breaking into freelance writing on it and the text includes resource guide with best places to find work today above it

Kit of 100+ Freelance Writing Tips 

Beginner freelance writers can get started winning clients and earning income with essential tools in this kit like a customizable invoice template, proposal template, Discover Your Specialty Worksheet and lots more. 

This kit is a digital product you can download immediately right here.

Mac book on computer stand with text saying 100 plus tips for beginner freelance writers, get the tools you need to kick-start your career, find well-paying writing jobs and become a successful freelancer

Freelance Writer’s Keychain

Let everyone know you’re a freelance writer when you carry around your keys on this keychain with its laptop, pencil and book charms and an initial of your name.

You can order this freelance writer’s keychain right here.

Silver keychain with four charms on it - the initial T, a laptop, a pencil and a book for freelance writers

Etsy Products for Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Organizer

This super helpful organizer just for virtual assistants also comes with an excel spreadsheet to help you keep on top of your freelance business. 

The virtual assistant organizer is a digital product available for immediate download right here.

Light orange Etsy product showing one filled-out page of an organiser with text above it saying weekly organiser for virtual assistants, easy to use excel spreadsheet

Etsy Products for Make-Up Artists

Make-up Artist Planner

Freelance make-up artists can get even more creative with this business planner which doubles as an exploratory educational tool. 

You can order the make-up artist planner right here.

Black book with The Freelancer, makeup artist edition stamped on it with 2020 beneath it

Etsy Products For Social Media Managers

Social Media Manager Starter Kit  

This starter kit for new freelance social media managers contains templates for client contracts, proposals, strategies, questionnaires and more.

This is a digital product available for immediate download right here.

Etsy products social media manager starter kit text with everything you need to kickstart your social media manager career beneath

Handmade Etsy products are always so creative and beautiful, and these are the perfect combination of creativity and practicality for any freelancer.

Images by design. meliora, Myriam Zilles


Pinterest image colorful paint cans with text 18 handmade Etsy products for freelancers

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