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22 Multiple Streams of Income Ideas to Create Financial Security

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Looking for multiple streams of income ideas? That’s a really smart thing to do.

Multiple streams of income give you layers of financial security that you can’t get any other way. When you set up multiple income streams, if one of them eventually dries up you’ll still have money flowing in from your other income streams.

Many people create income streams by working part time as an employee of a company. However, you’ll have a lot more flexibility and independence if you create multiple income streams by working for yourself.

Some people create multiple income streams with one full-time job and one or more side gigs. Other people create them by bringing in income from several different sources without having a full-time job. Some freelancers even create multiple streams of income while traveling.

You may have already read how you can create multiple streams of income. Keep reading here and you’ll discover 22 multiple streams of income ideas to create layers of financial security.

22 Multiple Streams of Income Ideas to Give You the Financial Security You Need

22 multiple streams of income ideas

Some of these multiple streams of income ideas can bring in quite a bit of money, even a full-time income. Others don’t pay very well but can give you a little extra cash.

You can get started with most of these with little or no training, education, experience or start-up costs. Others do require skills training and start-up costs. Those that do require that tend to pay more than those that don’t.

1. English Tutor

English is the most commonly used language worldwide. Even if English is your only language, you can get an ESL, TESOL or TEFL certificate and teach English over the internet.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average rate for English tutors is $25 per hour.

Become a tutor with VIPKid here.

2. Language Tutor

Do you have proficiency in more than one language? If so, you can become a language tutor.

According to Preply, the average hourly rate for language tutors is between about $25 and $31 per hour.

I can recommend Preply as a great place for online language lessons, as I took language lessons with them and had a really positive experience.

Become a language tutor with Preply here.

3. Math or Science Tutor

If you have a degree, you can become a tutor and teach people what you know. Two of the most popular subjects you can teach as a tutor are math and science.

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for tutors is between about $16 and $21.

Learn how to become a math or science tutor here.

4 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are freelancers who handle one or more of a wide variety of tasks for large and small businesses. This is one of my favorite multiple income stream ideas because there are so many different types of work you can do as a virtual assistant. You can even create all of your income streams doing different types of virtual assistant work.

According to Fully Booked VA, the average virtual assistant in North America earns between $35 and $50 per hour.

Learn how to become a virtual assistant here.

5. App and Website Tester

You can experience new apps and websites before anyone else and earn money at the same time. Become an app and website tester and you’ll get paid for reporting bugs and other issues.

According to PayScale, the average rate for app and website testers is about $24 per hour.

Become an app and website tester here.

Woman working on her multiple streams of income ideas at laptop on wooden table with phone, magazine and other items nearby

6. Internet Researcher

Do you like to look up things on the internet? You can create an income stream as an internet researcher.

According to Zippia, the average rate for internet researchers is about $26 per hour.

You can find internet researcher jobs on job search sites such as Indeed, Upwork and ZipRecruiter.

7. Proofreader

If you like reading and you’re good at spotting errors, you might enjoy freelance proofreading. Proofreaders can make really good money, and they work anywhere they want.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average rate for proofreaders is $26 per hour.

Learn how to become a proofreader here.

8. Transcriptionist

If you’re good at typing, one of your multiple streams of income can be transcription. This is a field with a bright future. As more and more meetings, hearings and other events are taking place on the internet and being recorded, more and more transcriptionists are needed to transcribe them.

According to PayScale, the average rate for transcriptionists is $16 per hour.

Learn how you can become a transcriptionist here.

9. Etsy Seller

Are you the creative type? If you like to create physical or digital products – everything from hand-sewn clothing to downloadable planners – you can sell them on Etsy.

Etsy sellers’ pay varies depending upon what they sell. You have to pay .20 cents per each item you list on Etsy and a 5% transaction fee when you sell something.

Learn how to become an Etsy seller here.

10. Artist

Do you have artistic talent? You may be able to create an income stream from your art. There are lots of places you can sell art both online and offline.

How much you can earn as an artist varies greatly depending upon the type of art you create, your skill and where you sell your art. You can earn anywhere from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Learn how to start earning money from your art here.

11. Ebay Seller

If you own something you think someone else might want, try selling it on Ebay. You can sell almost anything there, from baseball cards to garden tools to wedding dresses.

How much you can earn on Ebay depends on what you sell, how much you sell and how much you charge. Ebay charges a fee of 2% to 12.2% on all sales.

Start selling on Ebay here.

Finger on keyboard of MacBook Pro

12. Cook and Baker

You don’t need to open a restaurant to earn money from your cooking skills. If you’re really good in the kitchen, you can offer to do some cooking and baking for friends, neighbors and coworkers, for pay.

How much you can earn with your cooking and baking skills depends on how much you charge and how much you sell. It’s really up to you.

13. Rent out a Room

If you have a spare room in your home, you can create an income stream by renting out that room to short- or long-term tenants.

How much you can earn renting out a room is completely variable depending upon the room, the location, how much you charge and for how long you rent it.

Rent out a room on VRBO here.
Rent out a room on here.

14. Share your Car

If you’ve got a car in good condition, you can share it with others and earn money from it. Share your car with people who need a car for themselves or share it with Uber and Lyft drivers.

According to Turo car sharing service, you can earn an average of $706 a month sharing your car.

Share your car with individuals here.
Share your car with rideshare drivers here.

15. Rent your clothes

Do you have clothes in good condition? You can actually rent them out and earn money from them on Poshmark.

How much you can earn renting your clothes depends on how much you charge for each piece and how often you’re able to rent them. Poshmark charges a $2.95 fee for each piece of clothing under $15 and a 20% fee for clothing over $15.

Rent your clothes on Poshmark here.

16. Online Course Creator

You’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of online courses on the internet. This is because they’re a great way to learn – and a great way to earn money.

How much you can earn from your online course depends on the quality of the course, how much you charge for it and how well you market it.

Create an online course on Udemy here.

17. Freelance Writer

Are you a good writer? If so, you could earn money writing blog posts and articles for online and print publications.

How much you can earn as a freelance writer varies quite a lot. According to ZipRecruiter, writers in the US earn an average of $30 per hour.

Learn how to become a freelance writer here.

Man working on his multiple income streams sitting at small desk below window

18. Ebook Writer

If you know how to write, you can write an ebook. The topic possibilities are endless, and there are several places you can sell your ebooks as well.

How much you can earn from your ebook depends on the quality of the ebook, how much you charge for it and how well you market it.

Learn how and where to sell ebooks here.

19. Stock Market Investor

It can take time to start an income stream from the stock market. Start investing now, though, in blue chip dividend-paying stocks and buy more every year if you can. You’ll soon have a financial cushion, and later in your life you’ll be able to get quarterly dividend checks for a nice stream of income.

How much you can earn in quarterly dividend checks using the above method varies depending on a lot of factors. It can be anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars each quarter.

Learn the basics of stock market investing here.

20. Microworker

Do you enjoy being on your computer? You might like doing microwork. Microworkers get paid to spend time on the internet, performing a variety of easy tasks.

According to Quora, microworkers can earn anywhere from $1 to $10 per hour.

Become a Microworker here.

21. Online Juror

Are you interested in the law? Online jurors, or mock jurors, participate in group research which helps lawyers see how real jurors might react to court cases.

According to eJury, their online jurors are paid $5 – $10 for each verdict, meaning for each case from start to finish.

Become an online juror here.

22. Survey Taker

Did you know you can actually get paid for taking surveys? Lots of people do this to earn a little extra cash.

According to NerdWallet, the rate for survey takers is pretty low. NerdWallet spent 50 hours taking surveys and earned almost $90 total.

Take surveys with SurveyMonkey here.


Take the time and make the effort to create multiple income streams and you will never be sorry you did.

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