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4 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

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Becoming a freelance writer takes more than just talent. While writing talent is at the core of any writing business, a freelance writer needs to take extra steps to set yourself apart from the rest in order to make writing your full-time job.

If you feel like you’re not where you want to be with your freelance writing business, or you are just starting to pursue your passion, there are steps you can take to take your passion to the next level.

Here are four very effective ways to grow your freelance writing business.

4 Tips to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

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Find your writing niche or niches

Finding a writing niche or specialty area to focus your writing on will help in a few areas of your freelance writing business.

The first is that consistently writing in one to two areas will help you build credibility in that niche. This credibility will give you a leg to stand on when pitching to potential clients.

In order to have a niche that’s the best fit for you:

  • think about what you’re interested in
  • find areas where you have a solid base knowledge
  • learn more about what you’re interested in and what you have knowledge of
  • play to your strengths
  • choose topics that can incorporate your job, hobbies, or favorite entertainment

You will be able to write high-quality content much faster if you thoroughly understand and are involved with the topic you are writing about.

Finding your writing niche will also help you with finding new freelance writing clients. Having a specialty helps you narrow down the clients that will fit your search requirements. You can focus your search and find clients you know will be in your area of expertise.

Once your credibility gets more established, when you begin to get more of an expert status for a topic area, you can also begin to raise your rates.

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Craft strong pitches

The last item on this list might be obvious, but is important to not forget. The quality   of your writing is the most important thing for your freelance business. If the writing is not strong, it will be hard to get clients to want to hire you. But you want to make sure that not only your writing is great and strong but your pitch emails as well.

If you don’t write a strong pitch, you won’t get very far.

Craft a strong pitch each time you approach someone to write for them. Your pitch should show who you are and what you can do for those looking to hire you. With a well-crafted pitch, the chances of you landing clients go up and from there the sky’s the limit.

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Create your own website

Going along with building a brand, having your own website is a very powerful tool.

A good website is important for every business. It is the main hub of information and an accessible point of contact for potential clients. Your website is how these potential clients will judge and assess you to see if you are a good fit, you want to make sure you nail that first impression.

Your website should be easily readable and should have all the important information like bio, contact section, and past work easily accessible. Your website will be a hub for your business. It is a place where you can post your own content, put up a portfolio of your work, and show clients why they should hire you.

Making a website is also not as difficult as you may think. There are sites where you can build a website with templates and zero knowledge of code. You can learn the basics and tailor your website to your own needs.

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Don’t only be a writer, be a brand

To really grow your freelance writing business it’s important to stand out and offer more than just being a writer.

In order to stand out even more with potential new business, offer up other services related to writing that you have in your tool belt. For example:

  • offer editorial services to other writers in need
  • write copy for marketing companies
  • offer coaching services for other writers who are getting started

You can be a multifaceted freelance writer.

Whatever your skills may be, incorporate them into your writing business. You’ll become more attractive to potential clients. Your name will get to people who may not have seen you if you were just a “freelance writer.” Now the clients you write for will also know you can edit.

You’ll be able to open a wider variety of doors this way. The more your name is out  4 tips to grow your freelance writing business there, the more potential for new business there is.

In order to help with this you can start an email list. Some freelance writers keep email lists and some don’t. An email list of your clients and other people who sign up to your list through your website or blog gives you the ability to keep in touch with and potentially market to them.

Email marketing can seem to be a monumental task, but there are things you can do to help cut down on the workload. Using marketing automation for email marketing campaigns is a great way to make sure your marketing efforts are not going to waste.

Using email marketing you’ll be able to easily and effectively communicate with a lot of people who are already interested in you and your work. This is so much easier and more effective than cold pitching.

Do things that other freelance writers don’t do, and you’ll stand out and be able to become not only a freelance writer but your own brand.

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Final Thoughts

Making a career out of freelance writing is possible for anyone who wants it. It is important to position yourself in a place where you stand out from the rest and believe in yourself and your writing ability.

With these four tips, you can solidify your position as a freelance writer and begin to grow your freelance writing business.

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