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5 Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Solo Female Travelers

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Whether you’re a woman traveling alone on a week-long road trip through California or a year-long journey around the world, you will benefit from this list of 5 safety tips for solo female travelers.

Woman sitting on a suitcase in the road could use some safety tips for solo female travelers

5 Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Solo Female Travelers

Do – Take photos of your accommodation on your phone – Especially if you’re staying at a small, out of the way accommodation, take a photo of the exterior as well as a photo of its name and address on your phone before you head out to explore. This can give you a great means of finding your way back if you’re lost, can’t think of the street name and can’t find internet to look it up.

Don’t – Believe all the hype– Some media outlets seem intent on making people, especially women traveling alone, afraid of traveling to certain other parts of the world. Please don’t believe their hype. Travel and find out for yourself that the most of the world is usually safe.

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Do – Walk tall – Look like you know where you’re going and you’re unafraid rather than being tense and looking over your shoulder, and you might just have locals thinking you’re an expat rather than a tourist.

Don’t – Say you’re alone – Traveling by ourselves may sound great to you and me, but in some parts of the world women traveling alone are not common. Just tell any man who may ask that you’re married or have a boyfriend who’s just around the corner and they probably won’t ask you anything else.

Woman tourist taking photo has some tips about safety for solo female travelers

Do – Ask the staff at your accommodation or your AirBnb host about safety – They can give you accurate insight to the places you want to explore. Also be sure to ask them where you shouldn’t go.

Don’t – Believe that all deserted areas are unsafe – If you find yourself somewhere all alone, you may feel uncomfortable but you’re likely more safe than you could believe. I once walked around a nearly deserted fort all alone in a desert in Bahrain and ended up running into a solo British woman who was doing the same. If we hadn’t explored this fort because it was empty, we both would have robbed ourselves of an amazing and photogenic time.

Do – Exercise caution – While certainly not all deserted areas are unsafe and definitely going off the beaten path will lead you into some incredibly fascinating places, do be safe about it. I walked on totally deserted streets from a spectacular ruin in Rome back to my hotel one night.  I was uncomfortable, yet lived through it without incident. If I had it to do over again, though, I would have taken a taxi.

Don’t – My most valuable piece of advice – Don’t be afraid!

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