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7 Top Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do at Home

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Earning money doing virtual assistant jobs from home is an increasingly popular way people are spending their time nowadays.

With financial and personal uncertainty facing us now, freelancing at home to earn all or part of your income is the smart thing to do. Virtual assistants have really excellent work-from-home jobs. These jobs are diverse and interesting and also can be quite lucrative.

Here you’ll discover seven of the top work-from-home virtual assistant jobs.

7 Top Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Do at Home

7 top work-from-home virtual assistant jobs
What is a virtual assistant, anyway?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a freelancer who is their own boss and is hired by others – usually entrepreneurs and small businesses – to assist them with one or more online tasks. You can read a more detailed description of what a virtual assistant is here.

When you’re a freelance virtual assistant at home, you can work full time or part time. You bring money in from one source or more than one source. You can do one type of virtual assistant job or more than one type of virtual assistant job. In other words, as a virtual assistant there are a huge number of ways to make as much money as you need by doing work that you are good at and truly enjoy.

One of the many great things about the virtual assistant field is that it is so diverse. Rather than working at one full-time job, you can create multiple income streams by doing different jobs for different hirers.

For example, you can work for one client as a virtual assistant content creator while you also work for one or more other clients as a Pinterest VA. Or you can work as an executive assistant VA for your primary source of income while also earning side hustle money as a customer service VA.

Virtual assistant is one of the best work-from-home jobs for creating multiple income streams because you can easily do multiple types of jobs for multiple clients.

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How much do virtual assistants make?

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for virtual assistants is $10 to $28. There is no standard rate for virtual assistant jobs, though. What you earn will depend primarily on:

  • what type of work you choose
  • how much you work
  • your experience
  • your location

#FullyBookedVA, which trains virtual assistants and then helps them find jobs, says that their virtual assistant graduates charge $20 to $40 an hour. They don’t let anyone hire virtual assistants through them unless they agree to pay at least this much.

The more skilled the type of virtual assistant work you do, the higher the pay you can earn. There are a ton of different types of virtual assistant jobs in which you can earn good money.

Where to find virtual assistant jobs from home

You can find virtual assistant jobs on the many job search websites out there like and There are also many VA jobs listed on LinkedIn Jobs as well as on

You can also find jobs through certain online virtual assistant courses. Two virtual assistant courses let their graduates know when someone contacts them looking for a VA. The graduates can then contact that person, introduce themselves and get hired. Those two courses are:

#FullyBookedVA – #FullyBookedVA is a very comprehensive online course which will teach you how to earn money doing 5 different types of virtual assistant work – freelance writing, real estate VA, social media VA, project management VA and email management VA.

This course also gives you live coaching, access to their exclusive VA community, virtual assistant certification upon completion of the course and lots more. You can learn more about how to succeed as a virtual assistant and enroll in #FullyBookedVA here.

PinterestVA – PinterestVA is a completely comprehensive online course which will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about how to earn money spending time on Pinterest!

You can choose from two enrollment options with PinterestVA. It’s the second option – the self-study program + community – which will give you client leads so you can find Pinterest virtual assistant jobs. I found my own Pinterest VA this way!

Enrollment in PinterestVA only opens twice a year and only for a very limited time. The next opportunity you have to enroll in PinterestVA is actually really soon – beginning March 16, 2021 and ending March 19, 2021. You can jump on the wait list – and get a free training workshop – with PinterestVA right here.

If you don’t want to take a virtual assistant course but still could use some help in finding clients, you can join the VA Insiders Club. A paid membership will give you access to their job board where you can connect with clients. You will also get group coaching and ongoing support. You can learn more and join the VA Insiders Club right here.

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What type of virtual assistant job from home is right for you?

When thinking about what type of virtual assistant job you should pursue, there are many things you should consider, like:

  • are you a people person?
  • are you an introvert?
  • do you like to read?
  • do you have good internet skills?
  • are you good with numbers?
  • do you have administrative skills?
  • are you a good typist?
  • do you have good technical skills?
  • are you good at grammar, spelling and punctuation?
  • do you have social media skills?
  • do you know how to write?

Also, importantly, think about these two questions.

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you like to do?

You might already have good skills in the virtual assistant niche you choose. In this case, you may want to go ahead and start searching for a job as a VA in that niche.

Get a free membership to VA Insiders Club & lots of free virtual assistant resources here!

If you don’t already have skills which you can use as a virtual assistant, if you want to polish the skills you do have or you want to learn new skills to earn money doing a different type of VA work, you can benefit from a virtual assistant online course.

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There are many, many different types of virtual assistant jobs – and many virtual assistant online courses as well – so it can be overwhelming to try to decide which one to focus on. This is especially true if you don’t know much – or anything – about the type of work you want to do and if you don’t have much money to spend trying to figure it out.

This is where Work at Home School comes in very handy. Work at Home School is a bundle of more than 30 online courses, including several which teach you skills that you can use to earn money as a virtual assistant.

This bundle of courses is an excellent value because you can learn several types of virtual assistant skills for the same price as other courses which teach just one type of virtual assistant skill. With Work at Home School you can learn:

With this bundle, you don’t have to struggle to choose a virtual assistant skill and then spend money and time learning it only to discover you don’t like it. Work at Home School gives you many more options for finding the VA niche or niches which you like the most.

You can watch Work at Home School’s free 90-minute masterclass, which will tell you a lot more, right here.

Work at Home School banner created by World of Freelancers

7 Top Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home

I chose the following virtual assistant jobs as the top 7 because job search websites and/or my personal knowledge tell me that they are the most in-demand virtual assistant niches.

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

This is a very in-demand VA niche, perhaps even the most in demand. Customer service VA is another term for customer service representative.

Customer service VA tasks may include:

  • responding to customer inquiries
  • handling emails
  • checking voicemails
  • making phone calls
  • proofreading documents
  • engaging with customers on the internet

You may be well-suited to be a customer service VA if you:

  • have good people skills
  • enjoy doing administrative tasks
  • are good at following instructions
  • know how to type
  • have good phone skills

Executive Virtual Assistant

In this virtual assistant niche, you do the work that administrative or personal assistants may do, at a higher level. Executive VA’s need to be very good at what they do in order to measure up to the “executive” part of this job.

According to Kaleidoscope PA Services, an executive VA “refers not just to the type of work we do, but the way we do it and the people we do it for.”

Executive VA tasks may include:

  • handling voicemails
  • making phone calls
  • handling emails
  • arranging business meetings
  • making travel arrangements

You may be well-suited to be an executive VA if you:

  • have great people skills
  • are very good at following instructions
  • are a great listener
  • are a great communicator
  • enjoy working on the internet

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Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Lots of entrepreneurs and small business owners use Pinterest to promote their business, and many of them hire freelance Pinterest virtual assistants to handle this work.

Pinterest VA tasks may include:

  • Pinterest strategy development
  • Pin design
  • board creation
  • applying to group boards
  • Tailwind scheduling

You may be well-suited to be a Pinterest VA if you:

  • love Pinterest
  • understand Pinterest
  • have experience with Pinterest
  • enjoy graphic design
  • have good analytical skills
  • have good communication skills

You can learn everything you need to know about working from home as a Pinterest virtual assistant with the very popular PinterestVA online course.

One big benefit of the PinterestVA course is that its website also has a page for hirers looking for Pinterest virtual assistants. When you graduate from the course, any time a hirer fills out the job criteria form on the hirer’s page, you will be notified and given their contact information so that you can respond to them and let them know all about you and your services. This is how I found my Pinterest VA, and she is perfectly amazing!

You can register for PinterestVA’s free training workshop right here.

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Virtual Marketing Assistant

A virtual marketing assistant helps a business properly market themselves in order to to grow their brand awareness and sales.

Virtual marketing assistant tasks may include:

  • conducting market research
  • conducting surveys
  • curating content
  • creating content
  • handling social media campaigns
  • handling email marketing campaigns

You may be well suited to be a marketing VA if you:

  • have a background in marketing
  • enjoy working on the internet
  • are a creative thinker
  • are good at social media
  • enjoy creating internet content

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate VA’s assist real estate agents and brokers. You do not have to have real estate training in order to find work as a real estate virtual assistant.

Real estate VA tasks may include:

  • preparing listings
  • generating leads
  • handling emails
  • managing social media accounts

You may be well-suited to be a real estate VA if you:

  • have an interest in real estate
  • have experience in real estate
  • have an understanding of internet marketing
  • are a visual person
  • enjoy working on the internet

You can learn a lot more about how to work at home as a real estate virtual assistant here.

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Legal Virtual Assistant

A legal virtual assistant works for a lawyer or a law firm performing tasks that do not require a legal education.

Legal virtual assistant tasks may include:

  • legal research
  • answering phones
  • transcription of legal documents
  • social media management
  • bookkeeping and accounting

You may be well suited to be a legal VA if you:

  • are familiar with the legal world
  • are interested in the legal field
  • are good at following instructions
  • have good listening skills
  • have good typing skills
  • enjoy people

Technical Virtual Assistant

A technical virtual assistant does the type of work on the internet that many people are intimidated by or just don’t know don’t know how to do.

Technical virtual assistant tasks may include:

  • customer service tech support
  • website maintenance
  • website troubleshooting
  • ecommerce website support

You may be well suited to be a technical VA if you:

  • have good technical skills
  • have experience working on websites
  • enjoy working on websites
  • have good analytical skills

So many different types of virtual assistant jobs from home are out there! You can almost definitely earn money in this field doing a type of work that you really enjoy.

Do you have any questions about finding virtual assistant jobs or becoming a virtual assistant? Ask me in the comments below!

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