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Canadian Freelancers: Top 3 Job Search Sites in Canada

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Canadians are rocking the freelance landscape.

As of 2018 there were approximately 2,860,000 Canadian freelancers making up about 15% of the country’s workforce, according to Statistics Canada. A new study by Intuit Canada revealed that freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers will be 45% of the Canadian workforce by 2020.

In other words, there are a lot of Canadian freelancers out there offering the world a lot of talent.

With all of this talent, if you’re a freelancer in Canada you are now facing quite a bit of competition. You need to know the best ways you can find work. So I set about to compile a list of the best job search sites in Canada for you.

In creating this list I decided to:

  • include only sites with job possibilities for Canadian freelancers
  • exclude the major job search sites such as Fiverr and Upwork because most everyone knows about them
  • include only sites which have few, if any, complaints or negative reviews
  • include only those sites that are transparent about their cost to freelancers, like I did in my roundup of top job search sites in the U.K.

I had intended for this roundup to contain many job search sites for Canadian freelancers, both headquartered in Canada and elsewhere in the world. However, by the time I finished narrowing down the list using the above criteria, only three job search sites were left! As it turns out, all three sites that met the criteria for this roundup are based in Canada, and all of them are free of charge for freelancers.

Because this list is very short, I decided to also include at the end one Canadian job search engine because it is also free and lists many opportunities for freelancers.

So here you go, the best job search sites in Canada for Canadian freelancers!

Canadian freelancers need the best job search sites in Canada


Top 3 Job Search Sites in Canada
(plus one Canada job search engine)

Jobboom says it is the top online recruiter in Quebec. This freelance platform has been around for 15 years and provides access to offers of employment, contract opportunities, training and professional advice for job seekers and employers alike.

Jobboom publishes job offers from 16 different employment sectors across Quebec and outside of the province.


Jobboom is one of the best job search websites in Canada

Cost to freelancers – none

Jobboom says: Creating a Jobboom account is free. Once you log in, you can view job postings, apply for jobs, manage your applications, receive job alerts and use many other useful functions – all at no cost to you!”

Jobboom’s jobs for freelancers page is here.

Jobboom’s FAQ page is here.

Jobillico is a vibrant Quebec company that is revolutionizing the labour market with over 2.7 million job-seekers and over 80,000 job postings each day.

This freelance platform features 6,000 companies who recruit online. Jobillico has the unique approach of automatically sending freelancers’ profiles to companies that are looking for someone with your specific skills.

Jobillico is one of the top 3 job search websites for Canadian freelancers

Cost to freelancers – none

Jobillico says: “Looking for a job on Jobillico is totally free! You can apply for as many jobs as you like.”

Jobillico’s jobs for freelancers page is here.

Jobillico’s FAQ page is here.

Jobspresso says their site is the easiest way to find high-quality remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support and more.

This freelance platform is geared towards people looking to work remotely as an employee but also lists a good variety of quality job openings for freelancers.

Jobspresso is one of the best job search sites in Canada for Canadian freelancers


Cost to freelancers – none

Jobspresso says: “Jobspresso is absolutely free for job seekers.”

Jobspresso’s jobs for freelancers page is here.

Jobspresso’s FAQ page is here.

Canadian Job Search Engine – is a job search engine that specializes in finding new jobs directly from employer websites. Eluta has been around since 2006 and is used each year by over 7 million unique visitors from Canada. is a Canadian job search engine

Use any or all of these job search sites in Canada and you will have great opportunities to find work as a Canadian freelancer.

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Canada job opportunities for freelancers

Best job search sites for Canadian freelancers


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