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Coronavirus Memes & More for Working at Home

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Along with tragedy there can be comedy. 

COVID-19 is not funny at all, to say the least. Fortunately, some people have nevertheless created some pretty humorous coronavirus content. Some of it is intentionally funny; some of it is not. 

The 10 coronavirus memes, videos and gifs that I’ve curated here can give all of us a short, lighthearted break from our new grim reality. Those of us who work at home – both seasoned freelancers as well as the millions of people new to working from home – will especially appreciate these. 

Memes, Gifs and Videos

Sorry, Earth is closed right now. Try again later. (I made this meme myself.)

Earth is Closed coronavirus meme by Sabina Lohr



Seeing your coworkers remotely now rather than in person may give you a totally different perspective of them.


coronavirus meme of a collage of four animals with distorted images as if they're appearing on a Zoom video while working at home


People in occupations in which you don’t ordinarily work at home are working at home. Some more successfully than others.


Man's legs wearing jeans coming out of a bedroom ceiling while working at home



You may find working at home to be quite enjoyable and relaxing.


Medium-sized work-at-home dog laying on back on bed watching a tiger on a big screen television in this coronavirus meme

Or you may find it to be a lot more work than home.


Hopefully, what happened to this work-at-home dad won’t happen to you.



Working for yourself at home suits some personality types better than others.

So if you’re new to working at home, be aware that it may take some time to adjust. At first, your expectations may not be your reality.

We’re all new at this, so this global pandemic starter kit is a really good idea.


Humorous coronavirus meme collage of several images depicting what our expectations were for a global pandemic and what the reality is

Finally, whoever you are and wherever you work, if you’re not an expert on coronavirus, don’t feel bad.


Coronavirus meme of a professional photo of the Cure band


I hope you enjoyed these coronavirus memes. If you want ideas for how to make working at home a permanent reality for yourself, you can find 55 work-from-home jobs right here. If you could use some tips on how to successfully work at home, you find some here.

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  1. Working from home has never been a struggle for me as for a freelancer. But still I can relate to all the memes! There are tons of memes on Pinterest.

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