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Do You Blame Your Blogging Problems on Someone Else?

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I spoke to someone a few moments ago who intended to blame their blogging failures on someone else or something else.

Every seeming blogging problem appeared to be things, people or circumstances outside of the individual.

But blaming things, people and circumstances literally handed the power of the blogger’s mind to the things, people and circumstances.

In one moment, someone has unlimited potential. In the next moment, the limitless potential of ownership dissolves into the pinhole of selfishness, powerlessness and a general feeling of helplessness. Blaming scant blog traffic, non-existent blogging profits and virtually no blogging business on anything or anyone gives your power, and solution potential, to the thing, person or circumstance.

Does it make sense to hand over your power of mind to believe that you are handcuffed, imprisoned and completely helpless? No. But fear in mind generated by the ego scares you into believing your failure is something outside of your mind, like a person, a thing or an event.

Observe any Google algorithm update. Bloggers usually scream, whine and moan about losing boatloads of traffic and some profits anytime Google changes its algorithm to shake out bloggers not focused on the core fundamentals of creating robust, helpful content and building genuine bonds with bloggers. Google changes its ranking.

Bloggers fail because bloggers believe Google – not their mind – not only caused failure but is the source of success and failure. Case closed. Google has your power. Mentally, you lent power to Google because you visualize yourself as a victim of Google. Since Google changed, you can and will fail forever if you hold a victim mentality deeply in your mind.

Man pointing finger at someone else for his blogging problems

But if you are willing to let go of the victim mentality you have the ability to retrain your mind. Retraining your mind engineers a fun, freeing life.

The moment you take complete responsibility for your life is the moment you journey within to be free versus blaming the without to be bound.

Successful bloggers own their struggles and failures in mind. Fear in mind creates struggles and failure.

For example, I struggled horribly to drive blog traffic for a long time. The ego blamed my blogging failure on not having a big list, not optimizing blog posts for Google and various other factors fueling my failure. But digging deeper into my mind revealed deep, pulsating fears I ducked, avoided and buried fueled my blogging struggles and failures.

Every blogging problem I experienced began and ended in my mind. Think about that for a moment. Every single blogging issue I encountered began as fear in my mind. Fear I buried created a bigger problem. But facing, feeling and releasing fears dissolved the problem, too.

For example, I deeply feared failing, being criticized and being rejected many years ago. I buried each fear in my mind. As each fear grew I strongly resisted guest blogging.

Guest blogging would definitely trigger my fears of failing, criticism and rejection. I loathed feeling those fears. My blog traffic suffered because I created little content offsite.

But facing, feeling and releasing these deep fears goaded me to begin guest blogging. Guest blogging appeared to solve my traffic struggles but solely because I faced fear in my mind seemingly scaring me into NOT guest blogging.

Every blogging problem begins and ends in your mind. Face, feel and release fears fueling blogging issues. Be with the solutions invading your mind as fear beats a hasty retreat. The moment you let go of fears fueling problems you access ideas forming solutions to every blogging problem you ever experienced.

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