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How to Do Freelance Video Production on a Budget

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Are you pondering starting a freelance career in video production? Consider these facts by Omnicore Agency. As of March 2022, YouTube has a whopping 2.6 billion active users, with an average of 122 million users on the platform daily spending approximately 15 minutes per day on the platform and consuming over 1 billion hours of videos.

Indeed, YouTube has boosted the demand for video content, and more and more people are getting lured into the prospect of earning income from the platform. Forbes data from 2021 alone revealed that the highest-paid YouTuber, MrBeast, reported an earning of $54 million, while the collective earnings of YouTubers soared to about $300 million.

To many, this is an interesting and lucrative venture. However, a lot of people may still hesitate about the idea of doing videography—thinking that it is way too technical to delve into. The truth is it does not take a lot to start a freelance career in video production, especially if you know the different ways of producing engaging and creative videos—even on a budget.

Things to Consider in Video Production

freelance video production equipment

Begin by analyzing your strengths and your expertise

Video production requires different skill sets. If you’re starting a career in this field, you must first focus on what you are good at. Many freelancers offer specialized skills—video editing, motion graphics, special effects, filming, and others. You can work your way by choosing a starting point and building on that specific skill rather than attempting to master everything at once.

Consider investing in yourself through training and development

Whether formal or informal, training can provide the skills you need to develop in advancing your videography career. With new technologies constantly added to the field of videography, keeping yourself in the know can put you ahead in the game. Take advantage of free tutorials or enroll in courses that will enhance your expertise.

Use your tools wisely

Your tools and equipment will be your ally, so choose them wisely. Make a thorough evaluation of everything you need to get your job done well. For instance, if you are considering a complete setup, you’ll need a reliable computer with at least 16 GB RAM, sturdy graphic cards, video editing software, and other peripherals like a good camera, lighting, audio recorder, and others.

Go for quality instead of scrimping on costs, as this may affect the overall quality of your video production. Also, since you will be working on your own most of the time as a freelancer, consider which equipment is easy to use.

If you’re used to the Apple ecosystem, purchasing an iMac for work can be a good investment for video editing. On the other hand, if you’re a Windows user, consider the Microsoft Surface Studio 2.0, which is a reliable computer overall.

Conduct due diligence by checking out reviews of each product before buying or you can ask around from trusted peers about the worthiness of certain brands. If you are filming, having backup equipment is vital. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation where important moments during filming are lost because of an equipment malfunction.

Make a realistic strategy as to how to market your services

Initially, you’ll need to build a work portfolio that showcases your skills and the projects you have worked on. It can comprise sample projects or showreels highlighting what you can do. You could start on small projects that, when put together, will reflect your experience and growth in this career.

You can also build a social media page on Facebook or other sites, where you can upload your works and create an online presence. Or, try networking with other professionals in the same field so you can benefit from other people’s experiences and expertise. You may even find collaboration opportunities for special projects.

Develop stand-out branding

Once you have your videography career rolling, this should not stop you from taking further steps toward ensuring your success. Remember that you embarked on a field with tight competition and knowing market trends, demands, and innovations can guide you moving forward.

Eventually, you will need to find creative ways for developing your brand. What is special about your services? What makes you different from your competition? Your videos will become your signature—and a highly recognized one at that.

Build a reputation

Every client you get is very important. Here, it’s crucial not to make commitments that are beyond your abilities. Always set clear, realistic expectations with your clients as a satisfied client can translate to referrals. Make it a goal to win their confidence.

Creating Quality Video Content on a Budget

As a new player in the field of videography, financial costs can be among your major considerations when offering your services. However, this should not hinder you from delivering good quality output for your clients. Remember, every freelance client serves as a testimonial of your work and can eventually determine whether you succeed or fail in this endeavor.

Freelance video producer working on her video production equipment

Here are some tips on how you can strike a good balance between working on a budget and creating good videos:

1. Study trends to give you ideas about why some videos get a lot more views than others. Sometimes, it is not merely a matter of using complicated tools, but rather it is about being creative with content. You can even ace a simple video project with a good resolution smartphone or iPhone.

2. Be aware of the costs involved in producing your video. This way, you can make a realistic budget based on technical complexity, duration, pre and post-production costs, and others. These are matters that should be clarified with your client during the initial project discussions so that you can plan your budget well and not go beyond it with any unexpected costs.

3. Be more inventive and ingenious with the video script. A video with a good script or message translates into more likes and shares, ultimately boosting sales for your clients. The goal is to make your video engaging to its audience. Spend time reviewing the video to determine how to convey the message you want from different angles and points of view until you find what is best.

4. Go for amateur talents in case you need actors for your video. They will likely not require pricey fees, and you might even help them get discovered in the process.

5. Add spice to your videos by using the power of animation tools and other video editing software. Animated videos are entertaining and can convey the message you want to drive to the audience in several ways possible. Good 2D and 3D applications are available for free or at reasonable prices.

You can also try to learn video editing techniques through software like Adobe Premiere. Investing some time in this department can enhance your video’s quality and effectiveness despite the financial constraints in video production.

Also, taking the time to learn these things can help you save up on fees that you would have otherwise used in hiring other professionals to work with you.

Quality Video Content Relies on Ingenuity

With a good number of opportunities opening up in the field of freelance video production, you are on the right track if you are considering starting a career in this area, as well.

With a good analysis of your skill set, training background, and the right equipment and tools, you can be off to a good start. Add to these a well-planned marketing strategy and an effective branding of your services, and you can easily connect with clients to build your freelance video production career.

Last but not least, you should be more creative in planning the content of your video around a set budget to avoid encountering unexpected costs later. Here, your focus should be on the script, the talents you may need, and the overall video content.

In the end, it does not take a lot of money to create a good video that can engage audiences and satisfy your clients. It is all about ingenuity, challenging your creative prowess, patience, and passion for quality.

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