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4/22/20 – Freelancing and Remote Work are the Future

Freelancing and remote work were going to be the wave of the future anyway, and now the future is here because of coronavirus. You can read about how freelancing and remote work will be sticking around after the pandemic here.

4/8/20 – Australia Gig Economy Services Adapting to Coronavirus Restrictions

Gig economy services in Australia like Airtasker and Shebah – a women and children only transport service – and Uber are successfully adapting to the restrictions necessary due to coronavirus. You can read more in the ABC report here.

3/31/20 – Gig Workers Have Rights During Pandemic

Gig workers and other freelancers tend to get left behind and ignored sometimes. Now with a pandemic raging around the world is not the time to be leaving people out who need monetary and other help. The gig economy in Europe is worth $4.5 trillion, yet gig workers are still struggling. You can read more in EU Observer here.

2/12/20 – Will 1/3 of the UK’s Freelancers Stop Contracting?

13% of UK freelancers have begun planning to find contracts outside the UK. 11% have begun planning to retire early or otherwise stop working. 8% have begun planning to move into jobs where they will be employees, according to IPSE research. Why? Because of changes coming up in April of this year to the IR35 law.

You can read the full article on Politics Home here.

2/6/20 – Will ProAct Pass?

The United States House of Representatives votes on February 6, 2020 on legislation which would reclassify many gig workers as traditional employees rather than contractors.

This legislation, called the Protecting the Right to Organize Act,  would reclassify many gig workers as traditional employees rather than contractors. This comes on the heels of California’s very controversial passage of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) last year, which narrowly classifies almost all freelancers, gig workers and others as employees.

You can read the full article in the Washington Examiner here.

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