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9 Key Reasons Freelancers Should Guest Post

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Blogging is a powerful tool for freelance business success.

Head over to any freelancer’s website, and you’ll probably notice a link to its blog section on its navigation menu bar.

A blog is important because when you write your opinions about your freelance niche on your blog as a one-man-band or one-woman-band, you effectively market yourself and build trust.

A strong personal brand will draw freelance clients and opportunities to you like a magnet; it’s both more frugal and more effective than any other paid marketing.

Perhaps an even more effective way to market yourself and build trust? By guest posting on other people’s blogs.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is very simply a blog post that someone writes not to be published on their own blog but to be published on someone else’s blog.

Guest Blogging

The elementary idea is pretty straightforward – when you publish your post on someone else’s blog – it’s a guest post. Simply, you’re giving your post away for free to someone else and securing your author bio at the end of your guest post.

Go through any SEO link-building guide or post on how to rank on Google Page #1; you’ll surely see guest blogging mentioned. Everyone talks about guest posts. Every blogger takes part in this. But why are all bloggers, leading brands, and entrepreneurs so keen on guest blogging?

Most of the time, it is done to snag backlinks.

SEO marketers are always looking for cost-effective ways to build links, and guest posting is effective. It produces tangible results if done correctly. Matt Diggity practically tested this phenomenon by sending one guest post link to 100 websites each and then saw an uplift in search engine rankings.

You can also find marketing ninjas who don’t see much value in this strategy claiming that it’s a costly affair to build and scale links.

In my personal opinion, links acquired from guest blogging could be a boon or even a curse.

Despite being a proven idea, there is not much understanding of how guest blogging can help your own blog grow.

We all pretty well know the two main benefits of guest blogging are traffic and link building. But it’s not always just the backlinks you should aim for.

The next section is going to list out some of the less-known advantages that you will encounter during the process of concrete guest blogging.

Building Relationships

What kind of relationship you will be developing with other bloggers will depend on the intention behind your guest post contributions.

This will turn out to be a friendship if you are guest blogging for the sake of your passion and spreading your knowledge. The more you blog, the better your relationship will grow with the blogger and its audience.

Building Authority

When you’re writing as a guest on someone else’s blog, you’re doing two things:


  • You are introducing yourself to a new audience, and
  • with the topic selection and quality standards of your post, you get the needed recognition and reputation among the peer experts.


This means you will gain authority as subject expertise in your niche.

Reaching an Organic Audience

It’s pretty obvious. If you can write on some of the leading blogs (having a massive audience) within your industry, you’ll get lots of social media mentions, and this will aid in inviting ample of those visitors to look at your profile and your blog.

This, thereby, will increase the number of new visitors to your own freelance blog, increasing the number of page impressions and regular readers. Certainly, all will get converted as your followers.

Building an Email List

If your blog is in the early stage and yet to get an influx of subscribers, then guest blogging could be a savior and become a magical subscriber magnet.

By putting a call-to-action button in your author bio box, many of the new readers of your guest posts will start to subscribe to your blog.

Getting Clients

I have seen so many freelancers saying that a guest blog can really bring visitors and also clients because visitors can turn to clients easily. You will gain more clients when you work on canvassing for a strong professional network and campaign for your products.

Prospective clients will notice your guest posts, visit your author page, head over to your landing page, and – if you have an appealing website to convert visitors – bang! They will contact you.

Accelerating Your Writing Skills

When you write a number of guest posts for different blogs working on different topics and extra guidelines, you will find that you are honing your writing skills, and you are also inheriting PRO tips and styles from fellow bloggers.

You’ll also come through lots of blogging professionals who are already successful as guest bloggers and will figure out where you’ll need to work further on doing guest posts with more accuracy and less time. Blog editors and moderators will further advise you about the style of writing and keeping the sentences as simple as possible.

Getting More Blog Comments

When you post on other successful blogs, you will see other community members comment and respond to your post, and you’ll be advised to respond timely.

Responding to them will help build meaningful relationships with those readers and help you initiate healthy discussions with them. Sooner or later, you’ll see those people joining you in the comment section on your own blog too.

Getting Paid for Guest Blogging

Do we all want to start making money with our blog? Yes, I know. You said yes. And it’s possible to earn fixed pay for guest posting. A Google search and you can find websites that can pay up to $150 for a blog post. I’m aware of Cracked and Carve magazines.

Optionally, many platforms allow an Adsense sharing option, so these kinds of blogs can provide traffic, reputation, links, and money as well.

Naturally Coming Up with Innovative Ideas

Guest blogging (and any form of writing) will act as a trigger for your mind, and you will find that this will be the stimulator to instigate the number of newer ideas to write on your blog as well. As you write, note down all the new ideas brainstorming in your mind simultaneously elsewhere.

Final Words

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are a lot of SEO marketers and bloggers out there who just like a link back to their website and don’t care much about other engagement factors. Don’t stress too much about links, and think about building the relationship, gaining new subscribers, and luring prospective clients.

Also, don’t forget that all these benefits are not possible from a single guest post, as you cannot expect overnight success in anything. Try yourself, and let me know your success stories!

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  1. Agreed on all of these reasons, Sam.

    Guest blogging gives you reach in a blogging world where you need to be seen in order to thrive as a freelancer. Now I focus solely on passive income. But during my freelance writing days nearly a decade ago, guest blogging offered me greater exposure. Being seen allows you to land clients.

    Fabulous post.


  2. Hey Sam,

    I like that you pointed out there is more to guest posting than simply backlinks. I’m a little encouraged that there are still some people out there who do it for other reasons!

    Personally, I love the idea of using it to build relationships. Part of our value as freelancers is our network. What better way is there than to collaborate?

  3. I think I can agree with you, Sam, on all 9 points documented in this post.

    But #1 and #2 are substantial IMO – If done right, it can build up your authority in the industry and initiates a relationship with editors, publishers, and readers. This relationship, eventually, can land you further guest publishing opportunities, or sometimes, startling shout-outs and even links.

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