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How to Become a Pinterest Manager in 2023

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Spending time on Pinterest is so fun. It’s amazing that some people actually get paid to spend their time there!

How do these people make money on Pinterest? Lots of them have learned how to become a Pinterest manager.

A freelance Pinterest manager, also known as a Pinterest virtual assistant, is someone who manages Pinterest business accounts. 

Anyone can become a Pinterest manager, no matter who you are, no matter what your education or your background. As a Pinterest manager, you definitely can be one of the people who gets to earn money on Pinterest.

Pinterest manager is a creative freelance career and a fun one too. Still, there is a lot you need to know and understand about how Pinterest works before you begin offering your services as a freelance Pinterest manager. This post will tell you what you need to know about how to become a Pinterest manager in 2023.

How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant and work anywhere

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place where people share pretty photos and interesting articles. But where do those photos and articles come from?

They’re created by the millions of entrepreneurs and business owners who use Pinterest for their businesses. They use Pinterest as a means to raise their business’s brand awareness, increase website traffic and sell products.

Pinterest is not a social media platform as many people think it is; it is a visual search engine, and an extremely important one.

This visual search engine is pretty involved and requires a lot of work and attention. Frequently the entrepreneurs and business owners who have Pinterest business accounts don’t have the knowledge or the time to handle all that needs to be done with their accounts. That is where Pinterest managers come in.

What is a Pinterest manager?

A Pinterest manager, or Pinterest VA, is a freelancer who specializes in Pinterest.

These freelancers create Pins, post and schedule Pins, as well as track and analyze statistics. Pinterest managers usually work for multiple clients, handling multiple Pinterest accounts.

Pinterest managers usually but not always work from home. Because their work is done entirely on the internet, they also can work from other locations such as coffee shops or libraries. They can work while traveling the world too.

Some Pinterest managers work full time. Others work as Pinterest managers part time or as a side gig. 

A Pinterest manager needs to be able to do anything and everything that their clients need them to do. They may perform different tasks for different clients, including:

  • SEO research
  • Pin design
  • board creation
  • applying to group boards
  • posting Pins
  • scheduling Pins
  • interpreting analytics
  • developing and implementing Pinterest strategy

How much money can you make on Pinterest?

Pinterest managers make very good money.

New Pinterest managers charge about $15 per hour.  As they gain experience and expertise on how to make money on Pinterest, they charge more. This is usually in the range of $25 to $50 per hour and even up to $75 per hour.

Pinterest managers often bill their clients a set monthly fee of a few hundred dollars per month per client for a set number of tasks agreed to by themselves and their clients. Alternatively, they may charge an hourly rate. 

What kind of person makes a good Pinterest manager?

Freelancing as a Pinterest manager isn’t for everyone. Certain innate qualities are a big help. If you have these qualities, you may enjoy being a freelance Pinterest manager.

  • You love Pinterest
  • You enjoy graphic design
  • You enjoy spending time on the internet
  • You are a good communicator

What skills should a freelance Pinterest manager have?

No matter who you are, you can learn how to earn money as a Pinterest virtual assistant. A successful Pinterest manager will:

  • understand Pinterest
  • have experience with Pinterest
  • know how to do keyword research
  • know how to design Pins using keywords
  • know how to analyze Pinterest statistics
  • understand how to grow a Pinterest account

How to become a Pinterest manager?Pinterest image for How to Become a Pinterest Manager

You really definitely need to know what you’re doing if you’re going to have entrepreneurs and business owners paying you to handle their Pinterest business accounts.

What’s the best way to learn how to make money on Pinterest? The best way is to take a Pinterest training course that will teach you everything you need to know.

The most comprehensive Pinterest training course is called simply PinterestVA. This course was created by and is run by Kristen Larsen, a small business owner who’s seen incredible success with her own Pinterest account.

How can I find Pinterest virtual assistant jobs?

After you become a freelance Pinterest manager, you’ll need to market yourself in order to get clients. You can do this by:

  • engaging with relevant people on social media such as Twitter and Facebook
  • creating a website about your Pinterest virtual assistant services
  • advertising locally
  • joining networking groups
  • attending trade shows and conferences

One big benefit of the PinterestVA course is that they connect their students to clients.

There’s a form that entrepreneurs and businesses looking to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant can fill out, specifying what they’re looking for. PinterestVA then sends this information to their graduates. Their graduates can then contact these businesses directly to let them know about their skills and services. I found my own freelance Pinterest manager this way!

Conclusion to How to Become a Pinterest Manager

Doesn’t Pinterest manager sound like an awesome freelance career? It’s definitely one of the funnest and most creative out there.

Now is actually an excellent time to learn how to become a Pinterest manager because the PinterestVA course is having a free pre-training registration party beginning Monday, February 27. This is the perfect way to learn what it’s like to be a Pinterest manager plus get some tips you can use when you launch your own Pinterest manager business. Sign up today for the free PinterestVA pre-party here.


(This updated post was originally published on August 30, 2020.)



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