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How to Choose a Blog Niche That’s Right for You

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If you are deciding to start a blog, one of the first decisions you need to make is what you are going to blog about. It’s important that you pick a specific topic to write about for a lot of reasons.

You may think that you can just write about whatever and still run a successful and profitable blog. And while that is true for some people, it will likely take a lot longer to get where you want to go with this method.

Instead, you want to choose a blog niche. Not just any one. You want to choose the blog niche that’s right for you. And if you are looking to make money with your blog, you want to choose a niche that you can make money with too.

If none of this makes sense to you, keep reading. We’re going to cover what a blog niche is and why you need one along with some helpful tips for how to choose a blog niche that’s right for you and profitable too!

How to Choose a Blog Niche That’s Right for You

How to choose a blog niche that's right for you and profitable too


So first, I’d like to go over what a blog niche even is. The blog niche you choose is just a fancy way of saying the topic of your blog. It’s whatever topics your blog posts will be based around.

Every blog post you write will be based around one specific topic and cater to a specific audience. But why can’t you just write about whatever? Do you really even need a blog niche?


Technically you can blog without a niche. It may be better in the beginning just to test everything out. If you have a lot of topics you’re interested in, writing on a good mix of them may be beneficial so you can see which ones do well and then narrow down later.

But in the end, when you are ready to get serious about blogging, you’ll want to choose a blog niche that’s a good fit for you personally and one that makes money. Here’s why.

1. You need to attract your target audience

Think of it like this. If you write about a little bit of everything, your readers will get confused.

Those who come for your recipes and food posts may not be interested in your motherhood posts.

And expecting mothers may love your posts on parenting, but may not care when you write about relationship tips.

As much as you think your blog is your place to get out your thoughts and write for you, it’s really not. In a sense, technically, your blog is for you. You can write about whatever and not care if people enjoy your posts.

But, if you’re trying to find a blog niche that makes money, you need to narrow down your topics a bit. Because when you figure out your niche, you’re also figuring out who your target audience is as well.

If you blog about parenting, your target audience could be moms with kids or expectant mothers. And a blog niche will help you determine that.

2. Your blog niche influences everything

The other reason is your blog niche is going to determine a lot of the things you do and say online.

Not only with the blog posts you write, but with the freebies you create for your email opt-ins, what emails you send to your email list, the products you create or promote, and even what you talk about on social media.

Everything will likely be centered around your blog niche because you want to solve problems for your target audience. And you need a blog niche, plus a good grasp on who your target audience is along with their wants, to do that.

If you talk about the coolest new computer gadget, trying to sell a cookbook probably won’t convert very well.

So choosing a blog niche will help make decisions easier like what to, sell or create in the future.

3. Having a blog niche will keep you focused

When you start a blog, your attention will get pulled into a million different directions. You need to learn to stop running after every shiny object you see, put the blinders on, and just focus.

Blogging is more than just writing posts and taking pretty pictures, and your mind will wander to a million other projects you want to take on. So the last thing you need to do is make yourself more distracted by not choosing a blogging niche.

Having a niche will make it easier to come up with blog post ideas, and will reign in your focus a lot more. If you have a blog niche, you’ll always know what topic you’re going to center your blog posts around.

This not only helps with focus but will allow you to really dive deep into your topic and touch on it from every corner. If you only have one topic you talk about, this will allow you to seem like an authority in your niche.

People will see that you have an entire blog based around this topic and will be more likely to trust and follow you if you have a ton of blog posts around the same type of topic. It makes you seem like you know what you’re talking about and you’re really knowledgeable on the topic!

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Now that we’ve gone through all of that, let’s talk about how to choose a blog niche that’ll actually make you money! Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get you started.

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1. What topics are you interested in?

Do you have any specific topics you’re interested in talking about? Chances are if you’re looking to start a blog you have some hobby or topic in mind that you have a love for.

Not only do you want to have a love for the topic you’re talking about, though, but you also have to be eager and willing to learn more about the topic and research it.

No one starts out a blog knowing everything about their topic, so if you feel you aren’t an expert in your topic, you can still choose it! However, it is important that one day you become more knowledgeable on your topic.

So what do you find yourself willing to learn more about? Is there something you always can find yourself talking for hours about or working on? If you have any hobbies that you love to do, that could be a great topic to blog on as well!

2. What problem does your blog solve?

The next important thing is finding some problems to solve with your blog. Because at the end of the day, your blog is a business. And in order to run a successful business, you need to solve a problem with it.

So what problems will you solve? This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It could simply be that you are a mother and you love helping other mothers by giving advice on birthing or raising your kids.

You don’t need to think too hard about this, but make sure there is something that people need help with, and that thing is what your blog will solve!

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3. What skills do you have to solve this problem?

Next, consider what skills you have in order to solve this problem. Let’s say the problem is someone doesn’t know how to cook a chicken pot pie, and you have the most amazing and easy recipe for someone who doesn’t like cooking.

You have cooking skills and can help out other people who don’t know how to cook. It’s important that you not only find a problem that your blog can solve, but also that you have the specific skills to solve that problem as well!

4. Are other people interested in this topic as well?

Next, consider the number of people that will be interested in your blog niche. If you are super interested in a topic that you’ve thought of, but no one else is, you won’t have many readers on your blog.

Because in the end, you need to be writing for a group of people who share common interests, not just yourself and 3 other people. Your blog won’t be successful if you don’t have a lot of other people reading your content as well!


These are the things you need to ask yourself and consider when working on how to choose a blog niche. It’s important to have a blog niche so that you can grow your blog quicker, make money easier and attract an audience with similar interests to yourself.

And, make sure when you are choosing a blogging niche that you consider not only what you and others enjoy reading about, but also to make sure your blog solves a problem and that you are qualified enough to solve that problem!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Focusing on a single niche was something I really struggled to wrap my head around when I first started a couple months ago. It all stemmed from the fear of “what if I run out of things to write about?” Fortunately I overcame this rather quickly. All thanks to experienced bloggers writing about it!

    1. Hi SharlaAnn!

      In the beginning, this was something I struggled with as well. Turns out, years later I still have things to write about!

      The ideas are endless!

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