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How to Make Passive Income by Renting Out What You Own

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Have you heard of people making passive income but think there’s no way you could actually do it yourself? Think again.

There are lots of ways to make passive income. One of these ways is with rental income. You don’t need to own a rental property or have a spare room in your home to earn income from rent, though. You can make passive income by renting out just about anything you own!

Passive income is one of the best ways to create multiple income streams so you can be financially secure. Renting rather than buying also reduces over-consumption, so it’s good for the environment. If you own something you think you can possibly rent out, you should try earning some passive income this way.

The amount of passive income you can earn by renting out your belongings varies quite a lot. You could end up earning nothing if no one wants to rent from you. Or you could end up earning thousands a month if you own things of value, you offer them for rent on the right platforms and people want them.

I was surprised to learn that there are lots and lots of different ways you can create income from renting out just about anything and everything you own. You might be too!

What exactly can you rent out and where can you find people to rent it to, though? Keep reading and you’ll find 14 ways how to make passive income by renting out what you own.

How to Make Passive Income
by Renting Out What You Own

Discover how to make passive income renting out things you own

Rent out your pickup truck

A lot of people don’t have pickup trucks but wish they do when a need arises. If you have a pickup truck, you can help out people who don’t and earn some money at the same time by renting out your pickup truck.

Fluid Truck

“Fluid Truck is a peer-to-peer truck sharing platform that offers 24/7 mobile access to a wide array of trucks, vans, SUVs, and more.”

Learn more about Fluid Truck here.

Fetch Truck

Fetch Truck is a platform that allows you to rent your truck or even start your own rental fleet.

Learn more about Fetch Truck here.

How much you can earn renting your truck

FetchTruck says you can make up to $1,800 per month renting your truck.


Share your camera equipment

Quality camera equipment can be very expensive, as you know if you own a really good camera. You can offset some of the cost of your camera gear by renting it out to others.


ShareGrid’s goal is to give artists access to the tools they need and the financial freedom they desire in order to focus on their craft. It’s available in several cities across the United States.

Learn more about ShareGrid here.


KitSplit is “the easiest way to rent camera gear. Rent from trusted local creatives in your community.”

Learn more about KitSplit here.

How much you can earn renting out your camera equipment

KitSplit says you can “earn up to thousands of dollars a month” renting out your camera equipment.


Share your musical instruments

Do you have a musical instrument lying around the house? Clean it up, get it tuned, and you then can make a little passive income by sharing it with music students.


“Fretish is the first peer-to-peer music instrument rental marketplace where musicians and artists can rent instruments, equipment, and space from one another.”

Learn more about Fretish here.

How much can you make sharing your musical instruments?

According to Lesson Face, a platform which connects students with music teachers, music instrument rental charges range from a low of $10 a month for an acoustic guitar to $200 a month for a bassoon.

Illustration of colorful guitars you can rent out to make passive income

Share your bicycle

Bicycles are so important for exercise as well as for transportation in some parts of the world. If you’ve got a bike that you wouldn’t mind sharing, you can earn some passive income by doing so.


SpinLister is a bike rental and sharing service that provides a platform to connect bike owners with active people looking to rent or borrow around the world.

Learn more about SpinLister here.


ListNRide is a European bike sharing platform that also has some locations in the United States.

Learn more about ListNRide here.

Many cities around the world also have their own bike rental programs, so check locally for how you can share your bicycle.

How much can you make sharing your bicycle?

ListNRide, a European bike rental site, says if you have a bike worth about 1,000 Euros and rent it out for only 5 days a month, you can earn about 910 Euros, or 1,110 American dollars.


Lend your clothes

Do you own nice clothes in good condition? You can make passive income by sharing them with others. The clothing rental market seems to be only for women’s clothing, but maybe men’s clothing rentals will be possible some day as well.

Rent My Wardrobe

With Rent My Wardrobe you can rent amazing clothes locally and put cash in your pocket with what’s in your closet. Designer bags, shoes, dresses, and more from top fashion designers. This is for in-person wardrobe exchanges only.

Learn more about Rent My Wardrobe here.


“We no longer live in a world where it’s acceptable to wear something once,” Tulerie says. “Borrow clothes from one person, lend your clothes to another.”

Learn more about Tulerie here.


StyleLend is a platform where people who own high-end designs can connect with people who want to wear high-end designs. “You have the ability to make a positive impact by consuming fashion in a different way.” “Shine at your next event!”

Learn more about StyleLend here.

Rent the Runway

“Change the way you get dressed,” Rent the Runway says. “Unlock the largest designer rental destination that gives you more style, more access and more ways to rent than anywhere else.”

Learn more about Rent the Runway here.

How much you can make lending your clothes

That depends! You could potentially earn hundreds or thousands of dollars a month if you have a lot of quality clothes that a lot of people want to rent from you.

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Rent out your parking space

If you own a garage, parking space or even just a driveway, you can earn money by renting out that space to vehicle owners.


The Private Parking Marketplace that connects people with underutilized parking spaces to people looking for parking.” Parqex’s mission is “to solve the urban parking challenge.”

Learn more about ParqEx here.


“The UK’s favourite parking app and largest parking network.” JustPark has been making it easier for drivers to find, book and pay for parking for over 15 years.

Learn more about JustPark here.

Your Parking Space

Your Parking Space is the online marketplace designed to make it simple to park your car.

Learn more about Your Parking Space here.


“Creating the world’s best car sharing marketplace with proprietary technology and data that make sharing vehicles superior to owning them.”

Learn more about GetAround here.


This platform “connects people who have a spare parking spot with commuters looking for convenient monthly parking.”

Learn more about Spacer here.

How much can you make renting out your parking space?

According to Spacer parking space rentals, you can earn up to $400 a month.

View from above of a yellow car and blue car in parking spaces rented out to earn passive income

Rent out your RV

If you have an RV, chances are you’re not using it all the time. Why not rent it out to people who want an RV but can’t afford to buy one?


“The average family’s RV will sit unused for approximately 90% of the year. We’re here to bring RV renters and RV owners together.”

Learn more about RVShare here.


“RVezy makes it easy and safe to rent out your RV with complete peace of mind.” RVEzy is a company built by RV owners, for RV owners.

Learn more about RVezy here.


Campanda is a Berlin-based company where you can search for RV rentals in over 40 countries worldwide. “The world’s leading portal for renting and renting out motorhomes.”

Learn more about Campanda here.


“The most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent stylish awesome RVs in the nation.”

Learn more about Outdoorsy here.

How much you can make renting out your RV

According to Outdoorsy RV rentals, on a Class B RV you could earn $1,582 to $3,164 on a two-week rental.


Rent out your land

Do you own land? You can rent out that land for lots of things, from campers to dogs! Before you do, be sure to first check your local laws regarding land rental.

Rent your land to campers

Home Camper

Home Camper connects land owners in several states in the U.S. as well as countries around the world with people who are camping. “List your land and earn a profit while making unforgettable memories.”

Learn more about Home Camper here.


“Everyone with a terrain can rent it out as a camping spot. From ‘bamping’ (back to basic) to ‘glamping’ (luxury camping).”

Learn more about CampSpace here.


“A growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. We work with landowners to offer tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping—everywhere from national parks to blueberry farms.”

Learn more about HipCamp here.

How much you can earn renting your land to campers

HipCamp says that their average active camping host makes $8,000 – $15,000 per year.

Nighttime photo of orange teepee with light inside in the woods

Rent out your land to dogs


“Many dogs need safe, private spaces to play. Hosting a spot is a great way to make dogs happy.”

Learn more about SniffSpot here.

How much can you earn renting your land to dogs?

The SniffSpot land rental platform sets a default price between $4 and $12 per dog per hour, or you can set your own price. They say that “some hosts are earning more than $1,000 per month.”


Rent out your extra space

Have some extra space in your home or on your property? You can rent it out to people who don’t have enough space to store their belongings.


This site lets you rent out any and every type of empty space you have for people to store absolutely anything that’s legal to store. “Rent out your unused space to store your neighbors’ belongings. It’s easy, safe, and free.”

Learn more about Neighbor here.

Stow It 

If you have an empty space in your garage, your barn or some vacant land, you can earn passive income renting it out to people who own vehicles and have nowhere to store them.

Learn more about Stow It here.

Store At My House

Store At My House gives you a hassle-free experience by allowing you to list your empty space while having minimum interactions with your hosts at your own convenience.

Learn more about Store At My House here.

How much can you earn renting your empty space for storage?

Private storage space platforms recommend that storage space owners charge about half of what traditional storage facilities charge, so you’ll probably be charging about $50 to $150 per month for your space.


Rent your motorcycle

You may not want anyone to ride your motorcycle except yourself, but it may be time to rethink that. You can actually make some pretty good passive income by sharing your bike with others.

Riders Share

This motorcycle sharing platform says listing your bike is simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

Learn more about Riders Share here.

How much you can make sharing your motorcycle

Riders Share says its platforms’ top users earn over $6,000 per month.


Share your boat

Are you one of the fortunate people who doesn’t just wish they had a boat but actually has one? Then you can earn passive income by sharing that boat with others!


No matter where you are in the world, you can probably rent out your boat with BoatSetter. This boat sharing site has locations in over 600 locations worldwide.

Learn more about BoatSetter here.


This boat sharing platform provides flexible and hassle-free access to the great boating experience without owning a boat.

Learn more about Float here.

Get My Boat

This is the world’s largest boat rental & water experience marketplace with over 130,000 listings in 184 countries covering 9,300 destinations.

Learn more about Get My Boat here.

How much you can earn renting out your boat

According to Float boat rentals, renting out a fishing boat just once a week you could earn about $1,040 a month.


Share your jet skis

If you own jet skis you’re probably not using them all the time. While the downside of that is you’re not having fun all the time, the upside is you can earn money on your jet skis.

Click and Boat

This is an American boat sharing platform which also offers peer-to-peer jet ski rental in the United States.

Learn more about Click and Boat here.

How much you can earn sharing your jet skis

Click and Boat will let you charge up to $1,300 per day per jet ski.

Three jetskis on the water, rented out to make passive income

Rent a room or entire property

While you don’t have to own rental property in order to earn passive income from rent, renting out a room or an entire home is still an excellent way to earn passive income. In addition to the usual places you can advertise your rental property, there are some unique and lesser-known options as well.

Travel Nurse Housing

There are thousands of travel nurses in the U.S. who work at hospitals around the country, usually for a period of 13 weeks, before moving on to another hospital in another part of the country. They all need good, safe places to stay wherever they go, whether it be a room in your home or an entire home all for themselves.

Learn more about Travel Nurse Housing here.

Rent Like a Champion

This property rental site is specifically geared towards sports fans who travel to see sporting events around the country. Here they can find properties to stay at overnight near baseball and football stadiums, golf courses, race tracks and other sports arenas.

Learn more about Rent Like a Champion here.

How much you can earn from renting a room or entire property

A lot! You can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars a month renting out a room or an entire home.


Share anything you own

If you don’t own anything that I’ve already mentioned here, that is no problem at all. There are websites that give you the opportunity to rent out pretty much anything you own.


The missions of Loanables is “to reduce overconsumption by making it as easy to rent as it is to buy.”

Learn more about Loanables here.


Rentah lets you rent out anything you own, from bikes to cars to rooms to services you can perform.

Learn more about Rentah here.

Fat Llama

This is a platform in the U.K. which lets you rent out really anything you own including scooters, DJ equipment and drones.

Learn more about Fat Llama here.

How much can you earn from renting out things you own?

That depends on what you own and how often you can rent it out. It’s all up you!


You actually may not even need to use a rental platform to rent out things you own. If you know someone who needs something you’ve got, you can offer to rent it to them and avoid paying any platform fees. Do make sure you’ve got a written rental agreement, though, with how much the cost will be, how long the rental period is, as well as what you’ll do if your property is damaged or destroyed.

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