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How to Start a Mom Blog and Make Money

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Blogging can be a great way to earn some money while staying at home and taking care of the household as well as raising kids. Many creative moms find joy in writing posts on different topics of interest. Learning how to start a mom blog means you can not only enjoy writing blog posts, you can make money blogging as well.

The idea of starting a blog usually stems from stay-at-home moms feeling that they’re not contributing enough to the family. This usually starts when the baby is about a year old and moms are already used to the baby and handling it well. These moms may be freelancing and want to earn some income on the side.  Or they may not be working at all and have some free time on their hands. They want to use it properly and be productive as well as efficient.

Starting a mom blog is not something too difficult. Everybody can do it. You just need to follow a few steps. Follow these six steps and you can have your own mom blog and make money.

mom blogger and her daughter learn how to make money blogging

1. Choose your mom blog niche

This is the first step you need to know when learning how to start a mom blog to make money – choosing a suitable blog niche.

You might be thinking that a mom blog is your niche. However, it’s not exactly so. A mom blog is a broad niche. You should focus on some specific parts of it.

Ideally, it should be one or more topics that genuinely interest you. In that way, you’ll have more motivation and inspiration to do your research and write. When it comes to different topics within the mom blog niche, you can narrow it down to parenting advice, cooking, crafting, finances, self-employment, and so on. Niching down helps you keep your content focused and hence, build a loyal community of followers around it.

For instance, if you are passionate about DIY projects and engaging your kids in doing some fun crafts, you should start such a blog. You can use your creativity, the internet and perhaps even some activities your kids do in the child care center for inspiration. Remember that such blogs need to have strong image support.

2. Choose the right mom blog name

Only after you have chosen a niche, can you focus on your freelance blog name. It should be something specifically related to your niche. Ideally, it is unique, catchy, fun and light, so that everyone can remember it with ease. Avoid complicated blog names. Do your research online for some ideas. See what’s already out there.

Even though it’s a fun process, you should approach it rather seriously. You should consider your options carefully. Similar to being interviewed for a job, your blog name is the first impression you leave on people.

3. Opt for the right blogging platform

There are different blogging platforms you can choose from, both free and paid ones. Even though your goal as a mommy blogger is to earn money, some things are worth the investment. One such thing is a good blogging platform.

There are free blogging platforms out there such as However, to develop a successful mom blog from which you can earn money, you should choose a paid platform. One of the best paid blogging platforms you can use is the platform.


You can use to start your mom blog for free. However, you still need to pay for other things. You’ll have to pay for web hosting and a domain name.

Web hosting refers to space online where all your files will be kept. You need it to make your blog live on the internet. A domain name is what users will type in the browser to reach your blog.

SiteGround is the best and most popular web hosting service. It’s reliable, affordable and goes hand-in-hand with WordPress. Learn how to set up your mom blog with SiteGround here. It’s really a piece of cake. You don’t have to be a techie in order to do it.

Useful Plugins

WordPress can be enriched with several useful plugins. They exist to add some extra features to your blog. Their aim is to enhance your website’s performance and to make it more powerful. Plugins add so much to a blog that you pretty much have to have them in order to monetize your blog.

There are tons of plugins available – more than 56,000! Some of them are free, while some are, of course, paid. Some of the most essential plugins include:

Yoast All in one SEO – for optimization
MonsterInsights – for Google Analytics
WPForms – for contact forms
WP Super Cache – for speed and better website performance
Sucuri – for hacker protection

4. Make your blog visually appealing

After you’ve done all the above, you’ll focus on making your blog visually appealing.

Choose a suitable blog theme and make everything look neat, simple and easy to find. When users see a visually unappealing website, they don’t even bother reading any posts.

WordPress offers you thousands of fantastic themes you can choose from, like these themes from Envato Market. There are free and premium themes. Either will give your website a professional look. Choose a clean and simple design to keep the focus on your content.

Pregnant woman learning how to start a mom blog so she can stay home with her kids

5. Start writing and promoting your posts

The next step is actually the point of your blog – writing blog posts! So, consider some topics to start with, compose some drafts and start writing. Post them as you write them.

Also, remember to promote your blog posts on social media. The more you promote, the higher the chances of many people seeing your blog. You can promote for free as well as for money. When it comes to free promotion, you can join different groups on Facebook as well as guest post on other blogs. Make sure that you have an appealing image to your post as well as a catchy title.

6. Monetize your mom blog

In order to make money on your mom blog, you need to monetize it. Merely writing and posting content won’t earn you any money. What you can do to actually make money blogging is affiliate marketing and publishing sponsored posts.

Do some research to see what types of products would be appropriate for you to promote on your mom blog. Check to see if they have affiliate programs you can join so you can link to these products on your blog. When you’re in an affiliate program and someone purchases a product through your link, you’ll earn a commission.

Once your blog has been around for a while and has got quality blog posts and some traffic, you may be approached by companies who want to write content for your blog. You can potentially charge money for this content to be published on your blog. The company may offer you payment, or you may have to request payment.

The longer your blog has been around, the more quality content it has and the more traffic it has, the more likely that you can earn money from it. So once you start your mom blog, keep at it. Don’t just start it and then stop. Keep going, and you’ll likely be able to make money on your mom blog.

Want to learn more about how to make money when you’re a stay-at-home mom? Enroll in my free email mini-course here and learn the basics of how to start freelancing.


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