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Learn How to Freelance with Work at Home School

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(UPDATED 7/24/20)

Have you discovered that you enjoy working at home?

If so, you may wish you could continue to work at home permanently. Or maybe you wish you could work at home just to earn some extra money due to the financial uncertainty so many of us now face.

Fortunately, it is totally possible to earn money at home permanently. Freelancers do it every day.

You can find lots of information right here on World of Freelancers about how you can earn money at home by freelancing.

Learning exactly how to do specific freelance skills can cost quite a bit of money, though. The online courses which teach these specific work-at-home freelance skills do end up paying for themselves as soon as you finish the course and begin earning money using those skills.

But maybe you’re not sure which freelance skill you’re interested in. Or maybe you want to learn more than one freelance skill so you can have several different streams of income. If so, Work at Home School could be perfect for you.

Work at Home School is a collection of over 30 online courses which teach you all about how to earn money at home as a freelancer.

Many of these courses teach you specific skills with which you can earn money at home. Others teach you how to live the best work-from-home freelance life possible. I wish Work at Home School existed when I began freelancing.

You can learn details about the Work at Home bundle of courses in this article. You can also get the 90-minute Work at Home School masterclass to find out even more what it’s all about for free right here.

Learn How to Freelance with

Work at Home School

How to Earn Money at Home with Work at Home School

Work at Home School is a collection of over 30 online courses – some of them full courses, some of them partial courses – that contain solid, actionable steps about how to work at home, or from anywhere, as a freelancer.

Some of the Work at Home School online courses teach you how to do a specific type of freelance job such as proofreading or writing. Others teach different aspects of freelancing like how to transition out of a 9-5 job and how to handle your bookkeeping. Other courses teach you life skills that you may need to develop while freelancing at home, such as how to get your dream off the ground and how to homeschool your children.

Work at Home School creator Caitlin Pyle
Caitlin Pyle

Work at Home School was created several years ago by Caitlin Pyle, a super-successful work-from-home entrepreneur who’s made millions of dollars by creating and selling the Proofread Anywhere online courses. Caitlin is also the creator of the annual Work Your Way online summit.

What I love about Work at Home School is it teaches you so many different ways to make money at home online. You don’t have to already know what type of freelance work you might be interested in. If you know you want to start freelancing, or if you already freelance and want to learn a new skill or two so you can earn more money, this collection of courses is perfect.

There really are a huge variety of courses in the Work at Home School collection. I’ve listed more info about all of the courses a bit later in this article.

Work at Home School is ideal for you if:

  • you need more money
  • you want more money
  • you’ve really enjoyed working at home lately and would like to continue
  • you’re interested in freelancing but are not sure how to do it
  • you’re interested in freelancing but don’t know what type of freelance work to do
  • you’ve never worked at home as a freelancer
  • you already freelance but want to learn a new skill (or two or three)

Work at Home School contains 12 courses which teach you in full or in part how to do the 12 different freelance jobs of:

  • proofreading
  • coding and WordPress
  • audiobook narration
  • freelance writing
  • language translation
  • affiliate marketing
  • Pinterest virtual assisting
  • general transcription
  • web developer (two courses)
  • flea market flipping
  • video marketing

Work at Home School also offers 21 courses which will teach you freelance business skills and freelance life skills plus five seriously great bonus materials.

Once you enroll in Work at Home School, everything is available immediately. You can start whichever online course you want any time you want. You will have 365-day access to all courses, and all of them are self paced.

You can get the free Work at Home masterclass right here. You can also learn more about Work at Home School by continuing to read this.

Freelance Job Training

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ – 30-day access to Modules 1 & 2$197 value
An expert proofreader’s introduction to transcript proofreading.

Learn to Code + WordPress + Geekpack $497 value
Learn how to code and how to use WordPress – even if you don’t consider yourself “tech-savvy.”

The Freelance Developer Jumpstart$197 value
Step-by-step walk through how to freelance as a web developer. You’ll learn the necessary coding skills, how to price your freelancing services, market yourself to attract the right clients, close clients confidently and generate the necessary legal documents to protect your freelancing business.

Freelance Writing from A to Z –  $149 value
The foundation to start your freelance writing business. With advice covering everything from web presence and systems to writing and the client hunt, students will learn the freelance writing mindset, find guidance on how to find clients, and receive detailed instruction on how to do the actual writing work.

Turnkey Translator$297 value
Proven, step-by-step system designed to help you launch and grow your language translation career or side hustle in the fastest way possible, even if you’re not a native speaker or academic.

Pinterest VA Primer$97 value
This workbook gives you a step-by-step jumpstart towards starting a new virtual assistant business from scratch

Seller Success Challenge – $97 value
The ultimate crash course in selling more on Etsy. This course breaks Etsy SEO down into 21 short, actionable daily lessons – each less than 15 minutes long – that you can immediately start applying to your Etsy shop.

General Transcription: Theory & Practice Level 1 –  $127 value
All-inclusive and comprehensive course that teaches people to work from home as general transcriptionists.  Learn the basics + punctuation knowledge necessary for transcription

Introduction to becoming an Audiobook Narrator$49 value
Answers all your questions about how to become an audiobook narrator and helps you decide if this is a career you want to further pursue.

Flipper University$189 value
Get started in your buying and reselling business. This is the ultimate course to finding hidden treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, & auctions, and turning them into maximum profit.

The Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing$99 value
Valuable resource that teaches you exactly what affiliate marketing is, how affiliate marketing works, how to find affiliate products to promote, and the rules around affiliate marketing.

Building a Website: How Conquer Your Digital Real Estate$449 value
Instructional videos designed to you through the basics of web design and the digital marketplace and equip you with introductory tools to begin designing, building, and managing your own website.

Laptop with remote control on top along with a lovely cup of tea sitting on a light brown sofa

Freelance Business Skills

Create Your Laptop Life™ Network$588 value
365 days of private Create Your Laptop Lifestyle group; support in an online forum; 52 weeks of live Q&A call;, monthly business themes; Hivemind, the Monthly Create Your Laptop Lifestyle Publication; exclusive job opps, course program discounts plus four bonuses.

Goodbye 9-to-5$249 value
Step-by-step system for transitioning out of your 9 to 5 office job and into working from home full-time within just three months.

Productivity Virtual Summit – All Access Pass –  $127 value
From 50-plus speakers who are leaders in productivity you will learn how to: leverage your time to accomplish your biggest goals, boost your happiness, and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Work by Design Summit All Access Pass$67 value
Lifetime access to life-changing interviews with 50+ innovative leaders who share their best tools and strategies for working intentionally and living life on purpose.

Double Your Freelance Income$497 value
Self-paced course that will show you, step by step, how to charge more money for the work you’re already doing so that you can truly double your income without doubling your workload.

Video Marketing Quick Start Guide$147 value
You will learn how to choose your video concept, decide whether to go live or not to go live, edit with ease, gain confidence and charisma, succeed at promoting, and create scripts that sell.

Banish Your Bookkeeping Nightmares  – $14.96 value
With loads of illustrations, Lisa London, CPA will take you step-by-step through how to streamline your accounting process, learn what is and what is not deductible, how to fill out quarterly income tax estimates, and much more.

Ultimate Facebook Profits$49 value
Workbook which will make setting up a Facebook ads campaign a breeze and no longer a headache.

Niche Influencer Training program– $497 value
Clear path to leverage existing audiences to grow your business with minimum ad spend. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to initiate connections with influencers and maximize your chances to grow those connections in such a way that the influencers want to help you and send new potential clients your way.

5 Days to Profitable Facebook Ads for Bloggers $79 value
Learn how to market your business and reach your goals on Pinterest, have confidence in your pinning strategy, and know what actions matter and what to stop doing.

Job Fit Crash Course$127 value
How to be the best you can at your freelance job and take control of your future, schedule, and income.

15-Day Subscriber Reviver Challenge$47 value
Everything you need to in order create stories that sell while keeping your audience engaged, educated, entertained and empowered and your business profitable.

F.A.S.T Focus And Control Time Mastery$497 value
4 simple steps to create more time in your day. These steps are designed to deal head on with the fundamental productivity issues that are keeping you from the results you deserve.

Get Your Dream Off the Ground – 21-Day eCourse – $149 value
Get clarity around your vision, move forward in beginning to tick off your list of goals one by one, and demystify the process of sharing your dream with the world. This self-paced course contains video and audio lessons plus a workbook.

Teaser Email Copy Masterclass$197 value
Learn how to master one kind of email copy in under an hour. This course covers what email copy is, why it’s important to nurture an email list, and how to write a critical kind of email that actually serves two purposes.

The VIP Client Formula$197 value
Proven process that gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to create an excellent sales, onboarding, and management experience for your client so that they feel taken care of, get better results, and will become a raving fan and advocate for you and your business without even being asked.

Small Biz Bootcamp $97 value
Learn how to set up a business, the types of small businesses, and how the money flows. This will help you better understand your clients and your own new business. This is your business 101 course that I wish they taught in college but unfortunately don’t.

The Quick Start Freelance Success Kit$247 value
Three-module course which will give you the information you need to assess your existing skills and figure out exactly how you can earn money freelancing from home. Includes a giant list of skills you can use to help clients who are swamped with work and desperate to hire someone just like you.

Freelance Life Skills

3-Course Fitness Bundle$89.97 value
5×5 challenge to jumpstart your everyday fitness routine. Foundational 5, and 14-Day-Neck challenge are all included.

Zero to Homeschool$87 value
Step-by-step program that helps you to craft your ultimate homeschool while meshing learning with living and preserve the natural love of learning with which all children are born.

Ultimate Confidence Course by Eileen Wilder$37 value
If you’re serious about finding ways to discover who you are in Christ and go to new levels of purpose, this course is for you. It is only by immersing yourself in your God-given identity that you will finally gain confidence and self-acceptance. Over the course of four weeks you will learn to cease negative self-talk, exercise thought-containment and mood mastery, develop new habits to kickstart your motivation, and overcome fear and other motivation killers.

Bonus Materials

Work-at-Home Survival Guide
Learn how to work at home without making all the career-fatal mistakes so many others make.

The Money Mindset Transformation Guide and Workshop
Learn how Work at Home School founder Caitlin Pyle conquered her old money mindset that was holding her back, how it’s helped her earn millions, and how you can train your money mindset too.

Work-at-Home Truth Bombs e-book
Learn how to finally start working at home without scams, surveys, or selling to friends.

365-day Access to the Work Your Way Summit
Take your time watching and listening to over 30 video interviews with the Work-At-Home School experts giving you actionable information and advice.

The Get Started Blueprint
You don’t have to wonder what your first step is. Whether you want to explore various options, make your investment back as quickly as possible, or hone in on a few skills you can build your entire business around, this blueprint will show you the best way to achieve your goal.

Signing up for Work at Home School also gives you access to a private group just for Work at Home School students. Here you’ll be able to make business connections and maybe even a few friends.

Work at Home School gives you a clear roadmap of exactly how to earn money freelancing at home or from anywhere.

It also comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. You have a year to go through any parts of these courses that you want. During that year, Work at Home School says, “if you’re taking action on what you’re learning and do not earn any money, all you have to do is submit [to Work at Home School] what you did to take action on what you learned and we’ll refund you.”

I definitely would have bought Work at Home School if it existed when I began freelancing. You can learn more about this incredibly helpful collection of courses by taking the masterclass and then signing up for Work at Home School right here.

Sabina Lohr is a lifelong freelancer turned entrepreneur who created World of Freelancers to help others discover how to work for themselves online and live the freelance lifestyle. She’s always really enjoyed the freedom that freelancing brings, including several years on and off of working online while traveling and living abroad.

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