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Learn about Working Remotely at Remote Work Summit 2019

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(Remote Work Summit 2020 is almost here! This year’s summit runs from April 14 through April 16, 2020. You can get your free pass right here. You can read all about Remote Work Summit 2020 here.) 

Online work (also known as remote work, location-independent work and virtual work) is definitely the wave of the future.

Many remote workers are freelancers. Many other people would love to work remotely from the comfort of home rather than driving to and from an office every day, but they have no desire to freelance. If you belong to the latter group, you may be interested in an upcoming online summit which will help you learn all about working remotely as part of an organization such as a startup, a corporation or a non-profit.

The Remote Work Summit 2019 (#RWS2019) will showcase several expert speakers and have Q&A sessions as well as networking opportunities. The summit runs from April 16, 2019 through April 18, 2019, and you can attend for free.

Man working remotely on a laptop alongside a canoe in a lake


As online work is its focus, it makes sense that the Remote Work Summit 2019 will take place online. The event features speakers from Microsoft, WordPress, Fiverr, Trello and Automattic, Buffer and many more.

I’ve worked for myself my entire adult life, and as soon as working online came into existence I began freelancing for myself online. The organizers of the Remote Work Summit, like myself, hold a fundamental belief that the future of work is remote.

Following up on the success of Remote Work Summit 2018, this year’s Remote Work Summit will address challenges and frameworks to build effective remote teams, organizations and careers.

Remote Work Summit 2019 featured speakers

The summit organizers say: “If you want to build a remote team or are looking to secure a remote job, this is the online conference for you.”

Summit topics include:

  • HR’s Best Practices for Distributed Teams
  • Transitioning to Remote Work
  • Scaling Distributed Teams
  • Building Remote Culture
  • Remote Jobs & Interviews

I personally think the demand for online workers in the future may reach a critical mass such that if you don’t know how to do your work remotely or just don’t want to, you might earn less than you could and you might possibly even be passed over for job opportunities.

The organizers of RWS#2019 say: “As we reach closer to the future of work, it is essential for all of us to understand the remote work environment in depth, not just as an organization but also as employees seeking flexible opportunities.”

The Remote Work Summit 2019 offers two ways to learn and interact:

  • Live Presentations and Networking Session – Events which are organized on a virtual event and video platform called that allows you to watch the presentations live, ask questions and network with the other attendees.
  • Featured Interviews – Recently recorded video interviews of experts on specific topics which will deliver long-term maximum value for you.

Remote Work Summit 2019 free ticket

Examples of Different Styles of Remote Work

In case you’re not familiar with the different ways in which people in an organization can work remotely, Poorvi Naithani, on the blog, details four prominent styles of remote work.

Traditional office with a work-from-home option – Employees who have to report in a designated office but do have the option of [occasionally] working from home fall under this category. If you have ever taken a day off from the office but still worked from elsewhere, you are a remote worker too. In fact, a lot of office employees have worked remotely without realizing it. Think about it yourself. You will recall multiple times when you have worked remotely outside of the office.

A remote team in a single time zone – This is a true remote setup. Employees do not have to show up in an office (if there is even an office), and everyone works remotely from their individual workspace. The workspace could be a desk in your home or the nearest Starbucks. That’s for you to choose. All the work is done using cloud-based tools including communication, collaboration and meetings.

Remote teams in various time zones – One of the biggest advantages of remote work is being able to work with skilled workforces across the world. Teams working across different time zones fall under this category. This setup requires a little more structure to make communication and collaboration efficient. There have to be set hygiene factors for every employee to successfully work remotely.

Distributed team with nomads – If you didn’t already know, a digital nomad is someone who travels the world and takes their work wherever they go. This is the most advanced case of remote working. Team members have full freedom and flexibility and are completely location independent. Although this structure can be a little complicated for some teams, digitals nomads have been successfully working while traveling the world.

#RWS2019 organizers say: “We’re on a mission to help as many organizations and individuals as possible to start working remotely. Our (remote) team of 7 has worked hard over 4 months to make this summit possible.”

Two types of passes are offered for Remote Work Summit 2019.


– attend all live sessions

– watch all featured Interviews till April 19th

– access free resources


– watch recordings of all live sessions forever

– watch all featured interviews forever

– access premium resources

The Remote Work Summit 2019 free ticket

I love this quote from the Remote Work Summit 2019. “The Internet lets you work from anywhere in the world. Do not limit yourself!”

Remote Work Summit 2019 begins April 16, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. United States Eastern Standard Time and runs until the evening of April 18, 2019. You can get your free pass or premium pass here.

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