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Top 5 Places to Find Your Ideal Virtual Assistant Clients

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The rise in popularity of remote work in recent years means that businesses are now more comfortable hiring an assistant that they haven’t met in person.

Research has shown that hiring a virtual assistant can save a company up to 78% in operational costs, so it’s no surprise that more and more companies are looking to outsource this role.

But as the number of people becoming virtual assistants increases, how can you make sure that you stand out from the crowd and find VA clients that are a good fit for you? Here we’ll take a look at the top 5 ways to find your ideal virtual assistant clients.

Top 5 Ways to Find the Ideal Virtual Assistant Clients

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Freelance Website to Find Virtual Assistant Clients

A freelance website is a great way to get information about your business out to customers. In the modern world, potential clients are often short on time. Being able to search quickly online for the services that they need is an essential part of choosing where to spend their money.

In order to make your freelance website as helpful as possible, try to include information about yourself, services available, a price list, and your contact details – at a minimum. Visitors to your site may be looking at a range of options, so by making this information easily accessible, you are helping them in their search. If they have to email you to get prices or search around to find your contact information, the chances are that they are likely to choose someone else.

If you have the time to learn and/or the budget to hire a specialist, it can be worth looking into search engine optimization (SEO). In simple terms, SEO is a process that aims to move your website up the search engine rankings, and so get more visitor traffic to your site. A specialist will have knowledge of the current Google algorithms and suggest appropriate changes to your website that will improve your ranking.

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Freelance Blog to Find Virtual Assistant Clients

Starting a freelance blog can be a useful way to build a connection with your customers directly, and show them that you are a person that they can trust.

A freelance blog differs from a freelance website in that a website contains static content about you and your freelance skills whereas a blog contains all of that plus a blog section where you publish updated blog content.

A freelance blog gives an indication of your working style, so clients can see what it might be like if you worked for them. It can also be a good way to create a personal brand, which you can then imitate across your website and social media pages. Your brand is how people will think about your business, so it’s important to consider what standards and tone you want to set.

You could also consider reaching out to other sites to pitch a guest blog to them. This will allow you to get your company name out to a wider audience and hopefully increase your website traffic, social media following, and customer base.

Make sure that you share your blog posts on social media after you upload a new one. The key to strong engagement on a blog is regular posting. Uploading an article every few months isn’t going to cut it if you want to grow your audience. In order to keep writing interesting content, think about what your target audience needs, as well as what you’re passionate about.

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Fully Booked VA to Find Virtual Assistant Clients

At least two of the premium virtual assistant training programs offer help with finding VA clients.

The very comprehensive bundle of online courses called Fully Booked VA is one these. It’s also one of the best virtual assistant training courses out there.

Fully Booked VA teaches their students the foundations of how to be a virtual assistant. It also gives students six different courses so they can learn six different VA skills.

Once a student completes the VA Foundations course and passes the final exam, they get their virtual assistant certification and they get access to valuable client leads.

Taking virtual assistant training is a very good idea before you start offering your services as a VA. Fully Booked VA gives you a really great way to both learn virtual assistant skills and find clients. Learn more about how you can become a virtual assistant and find VA clients with Fully Booked VA here.


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PinterestVA Free Workshop to Find Virtual Assistant Clients

PinterestVA is another of the premium virtual assistant training programs. PinterestVA gives its students comprehensive training on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant plus guidance on finding clients.

Taking Pinterest virtual assistant training is definitely a good idea before putting yourself out there as a Pinterest VA. The super popular PinterestVA course teaches you everything you will need to know to launch your own successful Pinterest virtual assistant business.

Watch the PinterestVA free training workshop here to discover the variety of services you can offer, how much to charge and how to land your first Pinterest virtual assistant client.

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Social Media to Find VA Clients

Using social media to grow your business is an ongoing process, but when you use it correctly, it can be a very effective tool.Top 5 ways to find your ideal virtual assistant clients

Before starting, think carefully about how you are going to use your social profiles – what do you want to achieve? Is your aim to get a certain percentage of new customers, use it as a continuation of your personal brand, or just to share information that your existing audience might find useful?

Once you’ve nailed down your goals, you can start to think about how you are going to achieve them. Using socials without a clear aim can leave your audience feeling confused and unengaged. If you’re short on ideas, look at brands that you admire, and see how they are utilizing their platforms to get inspiration.

Don’t forget that you can post your blog articles to your LinkedIn profile as well, which may help you grow your business contacts. Therefore, this will expand the content you see on your own feed, and allow you to see what your competitors are doing as well as get fresh new ideas.

Now you know five of the best ways to find your ideal virtual assistant clients. For a deeper look into how to earn money and get clients as a freelance virtual assistant, read this post.

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