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Review of WebWave Website Builder for Freelancers

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For freelancers, an online presence is key to landing work. The most effective online presence you can have? A freelance website.

A freelance website helps clients find you. It offers you a way to present your services. It gives you a space to show off your portfolio. A freelance website also helps you build your credibility.

Now that you know you need a website, the next step is deciding how you’ll build one. This WebWave review will tell you how you can build your freelance website using the WebWave website builder.

WebWave Review

Website Builder for Freelancers

WebWave website builder on laptop sitting on a desk

WebWave website builder works like a graphic design program

The first thing that I noticed after entering the WebWave website editor is how much it looks and functions like Canva or Photoshop.

In the WebWave website editor you get a canvas-like workspace (free of grids and boxes) and layers and settings panels. Here you control the elements’ positioning while editing and adding any sort of special effects.

This type of interface design means far more advanced design features than other no-code website builders offer.

With WebWave you can actually drag and drop each element wherever you want, and as a result design whatever type of website you imagine. This is a huge deal. You are not restricted to only following the same type of recipe for a website that other website builders can offer – place your logo here, add your own images there and change the colors to your brand’s ones. I’m pleasantly surprised that with WebWave you can do so much more and be actually creative.

And why should that be important to me? you might ask. Well, there are two main reasons.

First, thanks to all those design features, your website can be truly remarkable to you and your craftsmanship. You are a freelancer. You have to distinguish yourself from the competition. A more unique website can help you make an impression as being professional, hardworking and qualified.

And the second reason – making a website in WebWave is not out of your reach skill-wise. Because it works like a graphic design program, chances are you are already familiar with its environment and can easily understand how to use it. If you are a graphic designer, you’re going to love this tool. You definitely don’t have to learn how to code to create impressive designs. And if you ever need help, you can rely on WebWave’s YouTube channel, with plenty of tutorial videos.

If you try to create a more complex and unique website using Wix or Squarespace or other no-code software, you won’t be able to. WebWave finally makes it possible. Because they focus on maximizing creative freedom and building websites from scratch, they don’t have many templates. Sure, they have a solid collection but much smaller than Wix.

But even if you decide to start with a template, you can customize it to whatever extent you want and make it your own. And once again that proves how powerful of a tool WebWave is.

WebWave has ecommerce features

Besides creating a website with the main purpose of showing your portfolio and contact information, many of you might want to have an online store.

WebWave is very convenient when it comes to selling your stuff online. You can offer both traditional and digital products. The process of setting up your store is simple. You can do it all in one place. Customize the look of the shopping cart without the need to worry about the functionalities. And it’s all commission free.

WebWave ecommerce is not developed enough to handle a huge ecommerce store, but is absolutely perfect for smaller freelance sellers. If you use Etsy, you might as well switch to WebWave to be more professional and independent. In WebWave you can even create your own discount codes and special offers!

Selling digital items is becoming more and more popular. The rise of popularity can be explained by how the pandemic transformed major parts of our lives online (learning, events, services). On the other hand, for you as a freelancer, it’s a great way to get a source of passive income.

Eventually, all you have to do is create a product and put it out online. You don’t need to worry about delivery of the product or maintaining the inventory. If you decide to use WebWave, your client can just download the item after the payment. The whole process is quick and easy to navigate. No additional effort on your part.

There is a huge variety of digital products to sell such as

  • e-books
  • online courses
  • digital art
  • printables
  • coaching packages
  • digital templates

Who knows, maybe you will have so much fun creating your own freelance website that you’ll want to make them for others.

Woman looking at dozens of digital images

WebWave website for online marketing strategy

Having a beautiful website is not going to make any difference to your freelance career if no one’s going to see it. That’s why you have to make sure that people can find you when they search for the right phrase in Google. As you already know, SEO is crucial nowadays. WebWave wants to meet your expectations in this department as well.

WebWave provides you with a built-in on-page SEO analyzer. It’s a tool that checks keywords on your website and gives you suggestions for improvement. This is very useful and intuitive. With this analyzer, you don’t have to be a SEO mastermind in order to make your website rank higher.

For each webpage, you can also write an individual meta title and meta description. It’s what a potential user sees in SERP (Search Engines Result Pages) and how they decide if they want to visit your website.

WebWave also automatically submits your website to Google and Bing, giving you a chance to monitor your site’s traffic. What I especially like about it is that you can check your daily stats from the Webmaster’s Panel whenever you want. You also get a weekly report sent to your email. This helps you to keep an eye on everything.

It’s also worth mentioning that WebWave gives you a chance to run a blog on your freelance website. If you know anything about SEO, you know that nothing helps you rank higher in search engines than a blog.

You don’t have to turn into a blogger when you launch your freelance website, but it would be nice to have at least a few articles related to your field. With WebWave you can even hire someone to write them for you and publish on your website through CMS. Bonus points – you don’t have to worry that they’ll mess up something in your website layout, because you can set up access levels for every CMS member. It’s really cool!.

WebWave hosting and website administration

WebWave gives you all the things that you expect a website builder to give you.

You could build and publish your website for free, but then you won’t own your domain name. Owning your own domain name is very important, as it helps people see you as more professional. So you’ll choose a domain name and then WebWave will provide you with the hosting.

Every WebWave site gets a free SSL certificate that gives you website security. With the Premium Plan you’ll also get from 1 GB to unlimited file storage as well as bandwidth.

Additionally they offer three Premium Plans, with prices ranging from $10 to $22 monthly for annual subscription. The most expensive, the Business Plan gives you all the ecommerce features you may need. In my opinion, the value is great, especially if you compare it to other website builders on the market.

You can also really tell that WebWave genuinely appreciates their users and wants the best experience for them. Their support team is always available on live chat and via email. They respond quickly and will often send you demo videos showing how to solve your problem. This is so useful.

WebWave also has a Facebook group, where members are always the first to know about new features and updates. It’s so nice to know that this product is created for you and for your needs.

Conclusion to WebWave review

WebWave is a great tool for freelancers, representing, an easy and unique approach to web design. This website builder attempts to close the gap between great designs and requirements of coding skills, and I think they are doing a pretty good job.

As a freelancer, you need a good-looking website that will help you get new clients as well as an analytics tool to monitor your website and freelance business performance. With WebWave you get all of that plus reliable hosting, site administration and live support.

In my opinion, WebWave is great for freelancers who are unique and independent minded and want their website to reflect that. Start building your freelance website with WebWave right here.


Images by Kevin Phillips and Gerd Altmann


Monika Buchelt
Monika Buchelt

Monika Buchelt works as a marketing specialist at WebWave, the company that created a free website builder for both professionals and amateurs. As a marketing specialist, she promotes WebWave on international markets. She is especially interested in business psychology.

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