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Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur who’s got advice, information or a learning experience you’d like to share? Write for us and share your knowledge with other people who work for themselves!

World of Freelancers readers are people who want to know how to start working for themselves or who already work for themselves but want to learn a new skill.

World of Freelancers accepts guest posts on any topic about working for yourself that can benefit beginning or experienced freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • How to get payment from your freelance clients
  • Lessons you learned from starting your own business
  • Something you’ve learned from your own business journey
  • How to choose a blogging niche
  • Tips for succeeding in a specific freelance niche such as writing or tutoring
  • Things to know before attending your first professional conference
  • Lists – tips, things you’ve learned, ways to succeed, etc.

You can write for us on one of the above topics or come up with your own.

Take a look through World of Freelancers before you submit your pitch to become familiar with the style, tone and quality of the content. Also, make sure your topic hasn’t already been covered on the site. If your idea has been covered on the site but you want to write about it from a different angle, then that could work and please let me know that in your pitch.

I never accept guest posts from anyone who is getting paid to write guest posts with links in them for the purpose of building backlinks.

Guest Posting Guidelines

After I approve your pitch, please follow these guidelines to ensure your article will be published on World of Freelancers.

Your article must:

  • have value for freelancers and/or entrepreneurs
  • be well written in completely fluent English
  • be 100% original content
  • have no affiliate links or links to spammy sites
  • have a headline which reflects the topic of the article
  • be a minimum of 1,000 words long

I will give you up to two do-follow links in your article. Both of those links must be to your own website or blog. If you have a photo or two that would fit in with what you write, please send it when you submit your article. Otherwise, I will use stock photos.

Please edit and proofread your post before submitting it.

After I approve your article, I will further edit it if need be and optimize it for SEO if you haven’t already. I also may place affiliate links in it and/or links to other World of Freelancers articles.

I will give you an author bio box at the bottom of your article. You’ll write your bio, including a link or two to your site if you wish (do-follow and in addition to the links in your guest post), as well as links to your social media accounts if you wish, then send it to me along with a headshot of yourself.

Your guest post will be promoted to the World of Freelancers email subscribers as well as our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

You can submit your pitch in one of two ways.

  • Contact me using the contact form below.
  • Write me an email at with the subject line Guest Post Pitch and the topic you want to write on.

Either way you submit your pitch, tell me in a few sentences or in outline form what you want to write about and when you can submit your article.

I’ll let you know by no later than 2 weeks whether or not we’ll publish your guest post.

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