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Top 12 Places Transcriptionists Get Transcription Jobs

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Freelance transcription jobs are an excellent way to earn money from home for a lot of people.

Once you’ve learned how to transcribe, you’ll come upon tons of transcription companies as well as many job search sites where you can look for transcription work. So many possibilities can be overwhelming. Which of these many places are the best places to look for transcription jobs?

The right people to look to for the answer to this question are the very people who are currently earning money as transcriptionists themselves.

As with everything on World of Freelancers, I did real research for this article, not just a google search for transcription companies. I chose the top 12 places to find transcription jobs for this list based on what transcriptionists in transcription and work at home internet groups say.

Some of the 12 on this list are transcription companies, and some are job search sites. Some are household names in the world of transcription, and others are lesser known.

Simple white work space with computer and transcription headphones Pinterest image with text saying discover what freelance transcriptionists say are the best places to find transcription jobs

Before we get to the top 12, here’s a little insight into the three main types of freelance transcription.

General Transcription

General transcription includes pretty much every type of transcription except for legal and medical.

You can learn in-depth information about the field of freelance transcription here.

For a lot more insight into the field of general transcription, watch this free workshop.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is typing up legal documents from audio or video files. This differs from scoping, which is typing up transcripts that were taken down by a court reporter on their steno machine, usually with audio backup.

You can learn all about earning money as a legal transcriptionist here.

To understand the field of legal transcription better, watch this free workshop.

Medical transcription

Most medical transcription in the United States is now outsourced to people in developing countries. The reason for this is so that hospitals and medical offices in the U.S. can pay less to have medical records transcribed.

If you live in the United States, it is highly unlikely you will find medical transcription work. If you live outside the United States, especially in the developing world, you can earn money doing medical transcription. At least two of the sources I mention in this article have jobs for medical transcriptionists.

Now here are the top 12 places that transcriptionists find their transcription jobs.

Top 12 Places Transcriptionists Find Transcription Jobs

Go Transcript

Go Transcript is an international transcription and translation company which offers a large variety of work to its freelance transcribers. They are headquartered in the United Kingdom and hire transcriptionists from all over the world.

This transcriber company says that they’re always on the lookout for new transcriptionists and that you will always have something to work on with them.

You can learn more about Go Transcript, apply to be a freelance transcriber and get transcriber jobs with them here.

Top of home page of Go Transcript website where you can find transcription jobs online

Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion was ahead of the game, entering the virtual work-at-home space in 1999. Their website has job listings for all kinds of work-at-home jobs, including transcription.

On the work-from-home jobs page, you’ll find dozens of transcription companies where you can inquire about transcription jobs. These companies may or may not be looking for transcriptionists at the current time, but you’ll probably find some transcription companies here that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can look for transcription jobs on Rat Race Rebellion here.

Top of home page of Rat Race Rebellion website


TranscribeMe provides transcription services as well as translation, data annotation and speech recognition for companies operating in the fields of market research, consulting, medicine and technology.

Transcribers who specialize in medical transcribing and legal transcribing are paid a higher rate than for other types of transcribing at Transcribe Me. Rather than working on lengthy documents, this company gives their transcribers micro tasks of audio clips lasting one to two minutes.

You can learn more and apply to be a freelance transcriptionist with Transcribe Me here.

Top of home page of Transcribe Me website


SpeechPad provides transcription and captioning services to many companies including major brands like Netflix, Yahoo, Loreal and LinkedIn. They get rave reviews from many of their clients.

This company is open to new transcriptionists as well as experienced transcriptionists. They believe in starting at the bottom and working your way up, and they have an interesting advancement path that you can take.

You can learn more and apply to be a freelance transcriber with SpeechPad here.

Top of home page of SpeechPad website where you can find transcription jobs online

Net Transcripts/VIQ

Net Transcripts is a law enforcement transcription website. Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies from around the United States outsource recordings of their criminal matters to Net Transcripts to be transcribed.

This company specializes in law enforcement transcription, but they handle other types as well such as general transcription and insurance transcription.

You can search for transcription jobs on Net Transcripts/VIQ here.

Top of home page of Net Transcripts website where you can find transcription jobs


Rev is one of the best-known transcription companies in the world. Freelance transcriptionists who work at Rev transcribe documents and also type captions and subtitles.

Working transcriptionists at Rev say that it can be difficult to get hired there. In order to be considered, you need to take a quiz and submit a document you’ve transcribed, and even then you might not be accepted. They also say that Rev pays quite low rates to its transcriptionists. However, it can be a good place to start and get some experience.

You can learn more and apply to be a freelance transcriber in order to get transcriber jobs at Rev here.

Top of home page of Rev website where you can find transcription jobs online


CrowdSurf focuses on online media. Its community of transcriptionists create high-quality video captions for deaf and hard of hearing people as well as for viewers watching programs in a language other than their own.

This company offers short transcription tasks during all hours of the day and night so you can work whenever you want, no matter your time zone. Crowdsurf says that they are always hiring new transcribers.

You can learn more about doing transcription work for Crowdsurf here.

Top of home page of CrowdSurf website

Allegis Transcription

Allegis is a transcription company which specializes in the legal and insurance industries. They’ve been around since 1996 and have a strong focus on fairness, accuracy and attention to detail.

All freelance Allegis transcriptionists must be located in the United States. Their clients are located in the US as well.

You can learn more about Allegis Transcription and apply to be a freelance transcriptionist for them here.

Top of home page of Allegis website where you can find transcription jobs online


SpeakWrite offers transcription of Zoom meetings, audio dictations, interviews and phone calls. They handle general transcription and legal transcription as well as private investigation, insurance, finance, law enforcement and Spanish language transcription.

This company hires only transcribers with at least one year of experience. You must be a legal resident of the United States or Canada to work as a freelance transcriptionist with SpeakWrite. Residents of the state of California will not be hired. Transcribers choose their own work shifts and will receive no less than 15 hours of scheduled work per month and will work no more than 12 hours per day.

You can learn more and apply to be a freelance transcriber with SpeakWrite here.

Top of home page of SpeakWrite website where you can find transcription jobs online

VIQ Solutions Company (formerly Transcription Express)

VIQ prides itself on having a clientele of Fortune 500 companies. They handle insurance, corporate and legal as well as city and state government transcription services.

They provide their freelance transcriptionists with cutting-edge transcription technology, and they promise that they have an abundance of work to keep their freelancers busy.

You must be located in the United States to work as a freelance transcriptionist with VIQ. Learn more and apply to get transcriber jobs at VIQ here.

Top of home page of VIQ Transcription Express website where you can find transcription jobs online

Indeed is a job search website where you can find all kinds of work in all kinds of locations – both in-house and remote. There are Indeed job search websites for different countries all over the world.

Just use the search function to search for transcriber jobs on Indeed. home page with transcription typed into the search bar


FlexJobs is a job search site where you can find freelance work as well as employee work all over the United States and Canada as well as in many other countries worldwide.

You can search for transcription jobs on Flexjobs by doing a search for job type or job location.

FlexJobs home page

You can take a free transcription minicourse here.

Now you know where you can learn how to work as a transcriptionist and where you can find transcription jobs, so you can begin freelancing in this really awesome freelance career. If you want to learn more about freelancing, take my free mini-course here



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